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Positive Thinking You

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 12:54 PM
It has occured to me, and probably you all out there as well, that we live in dynamic times. Now i know while all times generally experience their own changes and this era we live in now might not be the 'most' amazing, it can be said that we are witnessing the fruits of our own creation as a collective whole.

This thread is titled 'positive thinking you' because on a subliminal level i was striving to seed the readers subconcious with the key word positivity. I am a beleiver that these dynamic times can be met with dual forms of idealogies, both positive and negative, since both are inherently important to our realities and our own existence, but the meaning of this small rant is to clarify that during the confusion of our time we can meet our goals and personal experiences with positive thinking. I'm not saying the other end of the spectrum doesn't have it's advantages, and i know for sure that it would be ignorant to beleive one could shut everything not positive and still maintain a grip on what is real, mainly though it can be said that everything has a time and place.

The time right now is 2010, for those of you aware of the 2012 prophecies, edgar cayce predictions, astological alignments currently and soon to occure and other spiritual or practically relevant information pertaining to such this is not new news. I think alot of people have been waiting for this for some time and perhaps some even here specifically for the new coming age. Which in my philosophy is all that is happening, an old age that has run it's course and for some time existed is now ending and a new age is around the corner...

Perhaps it can be said that nothing is really set in stone as far as the future goes, so this is not some prediction or fable of what is to come. You can think of it as building a new house to live in, a much better house that will meet your new living demands. The new house will be built on the plot of land that the existing house you live in currently is placed, therefor, before the new house can be built the old house must be demolished. "demolished", such a scary word when lives are invovled, my theory is this why the 2012 prophecies have received such fear propogation. Time itself will not end, there is no evidence that will happen. It is the old regime of ideas, philosophies and current problems begat by them that will need to be cured by revolutionizing the ideas and philosophies.

Of course each time period and era has it's creators and each time period and era has it's amount of people who sustain itself. Such people that truely beleive in the ideas and philosophies of the past era, essentially, because in the past era they worked and were benificial. But as we approach the coming new age we find that they are causing problems or do not fit any longer. The people that were 'designed' so to speak to influence that past era with those ideas and philosophies might try to hold on to their beleifs as long as they can, maybe until the point of no return. I think this is what will cause pain and struggling for many. I think perhaps that is why the prophecies of the coming age are filled with tales of hard times.

Take this with a grain of salt though, this doesn't mean go out and change everything you do. It just means that on a personal and global level we need to introspect ourselfs to clarify just how we can positively influence ourselfs during this time. Maybe looking back we can learn from mistakes that we never took the time to think back apon. Some things we have learned work, and some things we have learned need change and improvement, through self introspection and hindsight of our past as a whole we can find these things.

Also, in the coming new time we can set new goals. Setting goals is the easiest way to acheive long or short term gains.

Getting back to positive thinking though, it can be said again that we live in dynamic times, so on and so on. Look at things however you like, but approach stressful situations with confidence that you can benifit from them with the knowledge you have thus learned so far in your life. And when faced with confusion, or over amounts of stress that are hard to handle, reassure yourself with whatever thoughts allow you to get through the situation. The main message here being simliar to what luke skywalker says to jabba the hut when he is trying to make a deal to get han solo and princess lea back, something along the lines of

"Jabba i've come to take my friends back, now you can benifit from this - or not"

The goal is to benifit.

Whatever times you are facing, use the positive energies that help you heal and get through them, and don't stop at yourself. If you see a bee has gotten lost and found itself in your house by accident, take the extra few moments and effort, which won't be much extra anyway, and just use a napkin or jar or cup to place him safely outside. Bees are benificial to our enviroment and are needed. If you can muster the energy or the ingenuity to help others and put yourself out into this world in a helpful way then eventually everyone will benifit.

The new era will be created. I'm not saying it won't be hard, i'm just saying keep your head up, that's why i considered this a below top secret worthy peice of rant...



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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 01:04 PM
i'd also like to post this somehow in the 2012 Above top secret forum, seeing as how it might reach more of it's intended audience there...

i'm not exactly the most computer literate person and am lacking in ats and bts skills as far as using different functions, so i don't know how i would go about doing that other than just copy pasting into a new thread post on ats with it

any objections to that or tips or suggestions perhaps from staff on that one, i'll wait on that feedback before i make a move

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