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Cosmic and Terrestial Radiation

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 04:50 PM
I didn't know where to put this. Space exploration, fragile earth, science and technology, conspiracies and paranormal studies are all categories where some of it would fit.

This is an article that was published in a German Magazine in 1929..
It's about the influence of terrestrial and cosmic radiation on the human body. This article is only available in German, but with a little help from google translate and many hours of work rephrasing sentences I can present you the full article. Does this article present a clue for all the salts and acids in our food and drinks? Does HAARP have an influence on the cosmic radiation or does it even block it?
Is this also an explanation for our belief in zodiac signs?

I hope the moderation doesn't mind publishing it here, it's nowhere available on-line and it is really worth reading.

Part 1:

One of the most interesting research findings of recent time is undoubtedly the successes by Prof. Kolhörster and his evidence of "cosmic radiation", the researchers in these papers (fourth born, 1928, p. 122) brought a lot. On the same issue stated at last year's congress of mathematicians and scientists in Stuttgart Prof. Dr. Regener another. He explained that the assumption that cosmic radiation is radioactive dust in our atmosphere is wrong. This has been proven by Kolhörster. The radiation actually originates from space.

All our earthly habitat is interspersed with radioactive rays. Not only certain metals, but all without exception, send radium emanation. Even the air is weak radioactive in the measurements. The radioactive radiation of the Earth's crust has also been proven. It fluctuates in a rhythmic up and down and in so doing justifying their designation as "soil respiration". However, it does not have such a big impact and penetration capability as the cosmic radiation. Prof. Büttner (Berlin) has demonstrated in experiments on the radio towers in Königswusterhausen that the ground radiation over 220 meters is no longer detectable, while the amount of cosmic radiation can penetrate the entire atmosphere and down in the ground . The measurement was extremely difficult because of the air emitting radiation and the radiation of the instruments. The radiation is characterized by atoms being "ionized". One can measure is the strength of the radiation by the numbers of ions per second, and cc. The values for the characteristic radiation of the air 0.2 ion pairs per sec / cc, for radiation of the 10 zinc ion pairs, for soil respiration at medium temperature and barometric pressure at the bottom of 1.6 and 0.2 in 200 m altitude, cosmic radiation however, has in 9000 m height 80 ion pairs, about 700 meters up curiously almost 0.0, then rose again.

The cosmic radiation is subject to periodic fluctuations and change every day with vast proportions (amplitude 15%), and it is not run in conjunction with the sun, but with the conjunction of the stars. The graph is constant throughout the year with the sidereal time. The maximum of radiation occurs always when the Milky Way culminates, while a second has a weaker maximum at the lowest rank of the Milky Way. Whether the wavelength of this radiation is homogeneous in itself or whether it is composed of a large number of different wavelengths and the direction of the radiation has not been explored yet.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 04:50 PM

In connection with these findings, the fact is interesting that the results obtained by such physical-scientific experiments may support the Welteislehre. (World Ice Theory) The physics are forced into a new world view that the earth and its inhabitants are in direct contact with cosmic events. If our earthly habitat is interspersed with radiation, humans are obviously in the midst of these force fields, which vary because of the type of soil and the local earth radiation. The type of surface plays a crucial role. The radium emanation depends on what kind of sediment like sand, rocks, oil, coal, salt water is below the surface. This radium emanation is measured and, as I said, subject to a daily rhythm.

The strength of radium emanation is dependent on the passage of sun. It is well known that the origin of the radium emanation is constantly going on. The radioactive earth radiation accumulates in the Earth when the sun does not shine, so is no electromagnetic radiation on. With increasing solar radiation increases the outflow of the radioactive earth radiation. The radiation curve now shows a very interesting property. The strong accumulation during the night of radium emanation in the soil can be constantly looking at sunrise until noon. At noon, it increases, and then again until the evening decreases and reach only after sunset the night again at its maximum.

This remarkable variation at noon is explained by the fact that after Hörbiger observed the Feineisanstrahlung (fog from space entering the atmosphere) that reached its peak just at noon in the higher atmospheric layers. The enrichment of the atmosphere with water vapor must have a low radiation and fall of the electrical effects in the wake, prevents the escape of radioactive emanations precisely at noon. In addition to this daily rhythm is still an annual, which is closely linked to the respective sun. During the winter towards the more difficult it is because of the sun's sinking deeper and deeper only low electric blasting the escape of radioactivity, starting with increasing sun elevation after the winter solstice there is always a greater outflow recorded in the strata emanation.
The days of soil respiration curve is exactly in the opposite direction as the electromagnetic radiation and air pressure.

A. Muller seems to have succeeded to prove that man and his well-being is linked closely to these radiations. In our blood, there are salts, which act as electrolytes.
In the human body is a continuous compensation as a response to the radiation. Cells and capillaries respond to the radiation caused by the cosmic and terrestrial influences, radioactivity narrows cells and capillaries, while expanding the large blood vessels. Electromagnetic radiation expands cells and capillaries, but narrows the major blood vessels.
The natural need for sleep is a consequence of declining electrical effects. Here lies the explanation of the fact that during solar eclipses, the animals are preparing to sleep, just because the electric rays by the interposition of the moon will be held from the earth. Similarly, the known effect of spring on the organism and its fatigue by narrowing cell and the capillaries can be explained that way.

In itself, have the human organism that is clamped in the force fields, are of his own settlement with them. If he can not help modern man does so because his poor diet is to blame, which enriches the blood with harmful acids and their salts. The so formed precipitated uric acid and its salts, and oxalate of lime are deposited everywhere, impede the free flow of blood and thus the detoxification of the body. There will be a reduction in the excitability of nerve cells and cause serious health problems. It would take too long to respond to all the consequences which flow from this situation.

In summary, however, is to be noted that the cosmic and terrestrial radiation are required for each individual and for all of considerable importance and opens up perspectives that of fundamental importance are especially for the medical science.

W. Etzdorf (Source: Magazine "key to world affairs" ("Schlüssel zum Weltgeschehen"), Issue 3, 1929, p. 90-92, R. Voigtländer Verlag Leipzig)

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 05:20 PM
Very interesting.

Thank you for the post. I appreciate the efforts!


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