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Just timestamping a prediction

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:34 PM
Just want to put something down in writing, that it be accurately time & date stamped.

Reliably informed the next mass casualty event will be as follows, it's a friend's prediction and he's reliable that way. For years my friend could see airplanes flying into high skyscraper buildings, he mentioned it to a group of us before Sept 11th when one of our friends was talking about a visit to New York. He then emailed his next prediction, he said an enormous wall of water was advancing towards him & he couldn't stop it, a few months later the tsunami wave hit the far east. That one so freaked out someone in our group that she never spoke to him again.

He says he has difficulty interpreting what these things mean. But as soon as these events happen, another prediction appears in his head, he dwells on it for ages, it can stay with him for years.

This following prediction he says he now feels strongly, as if it's coming soon.

He describes a desert environment, the sand or soil is a deep red/brown color, he emphasises the color of the sand or soil, he feels it isn't in the middle east because the sand isn't a sandy color i.e. beigy yellow, but elsewhere, he doesn't know where though, he doesn't know where soil of such a dark red/brown color exists. There's also some vibrant green colored vegetation dotted about, he feels the vegetation is watered somehow, artificially.

There's a road leading to the right side of this scene where there's a white colored building, dazzlingly white, like a laboratory or nuclear facility, he feels there's something under the building. There's no dome so he feels it's not a reactor, the building/s are square box shaped with definite right angles. And he gets a bit vague, but he feels there's red lines, arrows, zigzagging out of the building and into the air in each direction, he thinks they symbolize a poison escaping, or radiation ... certainly something very dangerous. He feels this escaping substance is either accidentally released, or it's been maliciously released ... from inside ... because the building is intact, it hasn't been damaged or bombed, the escaping substance isn't noticed at first, there's no sense of panic. But whatever is being released, it's incredibly dangerous. And it's quiet too, he sees no people in this scene, no cars, it's completely silent.

That is the extent of what I wish to put down here.

I don't require any comments tbh, the purpose of this is simply to write it down somewhere so we can re-visit it at a later date. Thank you.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 12:56 PM
I know you don't "require" comments, but I would like to anyway.

The red/brown sand or soil sounds like some of the rocks in the Mohave/American Southwestern desert, although the sand is mostly uh...sand colored.

Just my feeling there.

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posted on May, 26 2010 @ 01:23 PM
Sounds like Pine Gap ,a joint U.S Australian base near Alice Springs,Central Australia in an area Known as the red centre.The desert there is red sand.I'm not sure what goes on there but most is underground.


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