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Whistleblower Reveals

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 08:22 PM
Could it have been the other way up or down, a decoy plane, and UAL93?

Could it have been UAL93 already, which was already on its way to home Base again, in a low altitude pattern, when the passengers, who did not know this intention, broke in the cockpit and disturbed the whole planning.
And the plane went down, instead of returning safely. All witnessed by Viola Sailor, her sister and Mr Petersen in Lambertsville.

And the decoy plane flew at 4.500 meters above that Lambertsville streets junction, as seen in the NTSB and FAA and radar reports.

The transponder switch had already taken place,dammit!

UAL93 switched off, and descended, and the decoy plane switched the transponder on and ascended.
I have to find that report back from the early Pilots for Truth forum, and see if UAL93 was in the radar "silence" region, as drawn by the Pilots on a map of the northeastern US.

And the most simple thing was done by the planners :
They just took a piece of the FDR, flight data recorder, from the decoy (with the 4.500 meters altitude), and combined it with the last part from the UAL93 FDR, and combined that altered FDR with the CVR, cockpit voice recorder, from UAL93, as if both originally were recovered from UAL93.

And altered the CVR from UAL93 just a tad bit, to make it all more heroic and patriotically useful, afterwards.
The emergency calls were all genuine, just not the last words of the "hijackers", see the NTSB translation of the CVR.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 08:31 PM
Flight UAL93.

NTSB FDR study :
Another NTSB FDR study :

NTSB CVR study :
Another NTSB CVR study :

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 09:13 PM
A tampered with, FDR and CVR from UAL93. The Shanksville plane :

Whistleblower Reveals :

See my post about NO discrepancies AFTER the hijack event at 09:31:55, between Captain Clocked timestamps and outside sources timestamps (FAA controllers AND the ACARS) :

The fact that the ACARS messages timestamps, before and after the hijack event, do not differ, is telling something, don't you think so? Because if you are right about big discrepancies during normal flight in timestamps, then WHY do they not turn up in the ACARS?
Either the first normal flight part, or the hijacked part of the DFDR or/and CVR is thus tampered with.

I think you have just proved to yourself that your official story-trusted stance is based on a big fat official Whacker (a giant official LIE).

That hijack-period covered in the CVR, does not show any significant discrepancies between the Captains Clock controlled devices, and any external time measuring devices (ACARS, FAA controllers logbooks) EXCEPT that seismic stations (plural!) and FAA controllers all say that the plane crashed 3 minutes later (10:06 AM) than the officially pushed timestamp of 10:03 AM.

When you discovered great timestamp discrepancies in that first period from take-off at Newark until the hijack event, during which ONLY the original pilots were at the controls, than YOU have proved to us that the CVR is tampered with, since that one does not show up for sure, any significant differences between Captain's Clock and outside sources.

This is why I proposed a, partly tampered with, NTSB study device.
The part where the UAL pilots were at the helm, were genuine, but the last 30 minutes of the CVR were partly, or totally altered.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 11:21 PM
I personally can believe this theory. This could be a backup plan if the plan A didn't take effect like it should.

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