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Jordan Maxwell's Close Encounters and Other Stories!

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 04:29 PM
This is neat interview in which we finally get to hear stuff that Jordan has never revealed before.

Jordan Maxwell - Close Encounters and other stories : A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan From: AlphaZebra | May 24, 2010 |

I recently had the great privilege of talking with Jordan Maxwell, fresh after our May 2010 visit to the Vatican, about some of his personal stories and experiences - some of which are astonishing by any standards. One or two he had told in his September 2009 Interview with Project Camelot, but the majority are new. He has shared these with the public before.

There's nothing here about the workings of the Illuminati or the New World Order. Instead you'll be watching Jordan presenting a series of extraordinary and fascinating personal experiences - any one of which would be significant to most people watching this video - but Jordan has MANY. Kick back and enjoy the presentation. Much of this is new material. NOT to be missed.

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