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"Unnatural History, Unnatural Future"

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:45 PM
How many of you dislike it when others exercize speech freely? Why do you dislike freedom of speech if that is the case?

Did you know people speak advanced, hip, and in slang, along with in english (or whatever other proper language)?

When I mix the four in my freedom of speech, and you find yourself disliking it, what will you do? Show that you are a hypocrite because you have also spoken with a mix of advanced speech, hip speech, and slang speech in the very english you use? So, whenever you read someone asking if english is your first language, don't even bother responding to them, because they know that you know that they are being a hypocrite that in fact do understand everything you have spoken that makes them gnash in dislike to want to trip on your freedom of speech with their deceptive speech.

AN UNNATURAL HISTORY, and an unnatural future, is in your fronting when you know you dislike freedom of speech by others excluding yourself.

When you find yourself disliking freedom of speech you CAN CLAIM to not understand a single bit of, say, a threadstarters thread, can you not? Ha! Just because you CAN claim something doesn't mean you are telling the truth or being honest, correct? Ha! The top cat got your hypocritical tongue.

America even has places where dislike in freedom of speech you have to agree with. When you sign up with, say, ATS you are participating in the dislike of freedom of speech that is going on across the country, are you not? Yes, you are. So that means there is this unnatural history and unnatural future against freedom of speech. Which of you have jumped on the bandwagon? The best revenge is to leave everything and everyone and everybody that practices dislike in freedom of speech till they come to their sense to show pride in following the First Amendment.

Why would you want anybody to infringe on your freedom of speech right? And I mean anybody. Anybody offering you something in exchange that they may have your agreement that they may cut off your freedom of speech, is just fooling the fools only. When you are foolish you agree with just about any thing, do you not? Have you not ever? Yes, you have ever done so in the U.S. FROM WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME. Hyporcites claim they will say whatever in their home... Well, is not the online computer in your home? And are you certainly not saying whatever in your own home, thanks to the online computer you do say things on? If you are a true first amendment follower you will not let some online computer you bought stop you from saying whatever from within your own home, unless you are the kind of fool I just got through describing. My advise is: Don't let the online thing come into your home and stop you from exercizing freedom of speech in your own home with your own computer with your own online service you're paying for.

Another thing...

If it feels so bad, then why'd you play it into me? If I say, I'm finna go to the store. And you then ask me if english is my first language, then you dislike freedom of speech that I speak.

If anyone wonders what language you speak, just advise them that you speak just freedom of speech you exercize because you have the right of way right to. I mean, you can advise them or just say nothing since you also have the right to remain silent which is indeed also apart of freedom of speech.

This is one of those topics where you will either hate it or love it. Sort of like how that movie "Cloverfield" was... Some people hated it whole and some people loved it whole. There was no in between.

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:53 PM
You have some very interesting perspectives, friend.

My advice is to keep building. You obviously decided to start over your thinking process, which is very good and hard to do.

Just remember, reality don't play games. Nothing, and everything, is meaningless.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:56 PM
I don't think that anyone here at ATS is against your freedom of speech.

But your threads are often talking about things that are not that understandable. It has nothing to do with your freedoms when someone asks for a clarification on what you mean.

For example, when you have often mentioned your rapture or how you are the Beast, or how Tupac's resurrection is involved with the end of the world--it is a little confusing.
Sure people will have questions for you.

That in no way is trying to squash any of your freedoms.

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by Chamberf=6

Hes just in a different perspective, or as we here on ATS call it, reality.

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:28 PM
Someone has to teach people that you dont bound yourself with proper language. And you must know that no one else bounds themself with just proper language 24/7.

When you talk with your mate, you wont use proper english when you're wanting to REALLY get to her through a hot letter. Am I ever lying? Nope.

Most of the music you hear wouldn't even be music if artists stuck with proper english 24/7, now would it be?

So I don't and wont speak proper english by far, but I will speak proper freedom of speech where I mix some advanced speech and some hip speech and some slang speech and some english speech. That makes me a true American. Yes, when you will speak freely, and are not constrained by what hypocrites said is to be the only proper way, that's when you are exercizing the first admendment right.

Not too many people will have anything to say in this topic because they know when I'm onto the hypocrisy that is plagueing this country. My word to the hypocrites: Stop making an unnatural future for the rest of us when it comes to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Let speech remain natural and fruitful and expandful. Ha. Just made a new word since I'm hip with my speech. Plus, you that are hypocrites when it comes to speech should stop listening to music where it is nothing but by far no proper english being sung. And if you don't like this speech, then bring your big, bad hypocrite butt to Detroit 'cause I aint got to be hard to find once you want to genuinely meet me.

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