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The case of the maybe 'missing' gold...

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:19 PM
Mostly opinion, littered with fact and theory...

Ft Knox houses alot of gold reserves... Or is suppose to.

The Federal Govt has not let the public or press see inside since I believe the mid 70's.

Now, we as a nation are broke. Lets face facts. If we are borrowing money from other nations, some of which are not really friendly to our interests, ie China... Why would they lend us money on a Treasury Note? WOuldnt they want some form of tangible collateral? I would.

Now, lets go a step further... If we as a nation are broke, and the world knows it... Wouldnt these lender nations want to call that debt?

When a bank calls a debt, or any lender really, they do what? They come for their goods or property.

If we are broke... What did we 'promise' them, and if we default, what goes down?

Mineral rights? Property and land rights? Maybe some gold reserves?

Germany is going broke paying France in gold, the UK under G. Brown sold off a major hunk of their gold reserves for a song, and the US is borrowing money at break neck pace and putting up as collateral GOD knows what, and China... What about Chinas gold?

Theres a round about number of 158,000 tones of gold in our world mined as of 07. Now, Im sure more has been mined, but guess what, even if America owned it all, it wouldnt cover our national debt as it sits right now.


I want the gold!!!

(The above link is just for effect, but you get the point of this post hopefully)

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:41 PM
I was wondering the same thing when the Chinese (or maybe HK) found all those "gold" bars loaded with Tungsten (last year)

It ain't in my back yard!

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 03:00 PM
You may want to search what gold is used for.

However, the significance of gold and also historical speaking, gold has been a major factor. The Gold situation at the moment though looks like its vanishing into thin air, but could it be literally going up?
There are various links that state different opinions of where we came from and that we were here as slaves mining for gold, im sure ive read that somewhere? then you have the stories regarding trading humans (abductions) for technology, whats to say that there was more to it and that they also wanted payments in gold? Gold is very effective material.

On the other hand however

Its chance to have vanished into fresh air?

How fitting is it that the SA World Cup is around the corner.
City Of Gold is????????

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