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UFO Dream, clarification needed

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 08:17 AM

Not normally one to post much on here but I felt some recent experiences warranted a post.

Hopefully some of you folks can give me some clarification and put my mind at rest.

I live in the United Kingdom - as a habit I like to sit in my garden facing north and look up at the stars while I wind down from a busy day at the office/gym.

Recently (the past 4 weeks I would say) I have noticed a bright star like object on the horizon, I would notice it as I was driving home in the evening (facing north east).

Prior to our current (wonderful) hot summer weather, the stars were visible in the evening so I didn't take any notice of this one star hovering on the horizon (however I remember thinking it looked out of place, closer to the earth than anything else).

Then two weeks ago I had a very strange dream - very lucid and it did not involve me, I was in fact in someone else's body.

From what I can recall I was a US pilot at an unknown air field (possibly some US base). It's a bright sunny day and to my right I can see a large runway with what looks like an old air plane and then some more modern planes etc.

So I go about my business in this dream, and then in the evening I am in what looks like a small barrack or living quarter (rectangle shaped). I get a knock on the door from someone I know well (short guy, 5'8, also a pilot as he is wearing the outfit).

He starts to tell me that there is something odd about the sky. So I look up, it looks like a starry night just like what I can see from my actual garden in the UK (I remember thinking the view was super imposed or something).

Then this guy points out to two bigger, brighter stars that are very near the horizon line and says "hey that doesn't seem right, something is moving..." - he is frightened at this point.

I laugh and tell him it's Venus (or some similar planet) when all of a sudden I notice a duplicate star appear, sliding out from the right side (of my view) of what I suggested was Venus.

Then all of a sudden this star somehow moves into view within a millisecond and starts to morph into view, growing larger until it appears as a triangular flying craft, making a whirring type sound.

It tilts up at us showing it's under side where I got a detailed view of the bottom: it had blue neon like lighting going around the base in a triangle. Then at each corner where curves like a trigonometry drawing of a 45^ angle. Below this curve were what I assumed to be the exhaust plumes, small circular holes with blue neon like lighting around them.

Then in the centre was a larger circle with no visible lighting that I wasn't sure what it was for.

Two people appeared to teleport out of the craft to my right however I never got to take a look at them, the guy next to me grabs my arm and yells for his live running away until we are running through a field away from the air field.


Now what is strange about this dream is that it coincides with this strange star like object I keep seeing every night.

Yesterday afternoon I was driving back, clear sky, not a single star or moon in sight and hey presto this thing pops up over the horizon due north/north-east.

This can't be a star so it must either be a very low orbiting satellite or something else.

However it is strange that I have this dream and such a lucid one as I do not dream often and to be honest I had unplugged myself from the grid for the past few months (no TV, net or anything).

I am a typical joe average guy, family, good job, do body building and MMA fighting in my spare time, am a total computer geek but I have never really taken an interest in aliens/UFO's etc so a little surprised at the synchronicity between my dream and what I have been noticing the past few weeks.

Thanks in advance,


posted on May, 24 2010 @ 10:26 AM
Reading your post made me remember a sort of similar dream I had when I was a young 'un. I was staying at my grandparent's house and had a nightmare that I still vividly recall. I was flying a military plane (in the dream!) and something well out of the ordinary was buzzing the plane and everything went red and the plane crashed. I must have shouted in my sleep or something as my grandad came into the room and took me downstairs for a cup of tea at 4 in the morning. Wierd how some things stay with you for decades.
But then again I've always had UFO dreams, the most recent was either last night or the night before. And it always occurs in the same place, looking out over the Derwent Valley (Co. Durham) and people around me are watching a few dots of light in the sky then a whole load of them appear and move south to north. That dream isn't recurring but very similar events seem to take place. It doesn't scare me but stays with me.
I've seen UFO's in that area before (ohwow) and the last UFO I saw was about a year ago where this lush green light zoomed across the sky from south to north!
Work all that out!!

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 11:36 PM
Hey i also had a dream last year, it was very surreal, but i felt it was pretty real, here's what happened to me.

I was sleeping last december i can't remmember the exact date but it was between 20-30 of december. All i can recall from my dream was that i was starring at this alien spaceship which kind of matches the one you described it was black, and it had blue neon lights around the exhausts; however, this spaceship was round, and the exhausts were round as well. The rest of my dream is the most surreal part of them all, i dreamed that they took me out of this world and i remmember opening my eyes and seeing through a clear window another planet one that was very redish. Also throughout the whole dream i was unable to speak, and i felt a bit of dizzyness through the whole dream.

I'm 99.9% convinced it was only a dream, but that 0.01% that makes me doubt is because of my heritage, i was born in Guatemala, the Mayan city, and i have aztec blood in my veins. Also i've suffered from sleeping paralysis since i can remmember and because of it i've had 1 wicked out of body experience lol.

Anyways thought i would share ^^.

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