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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 03:37 PM

1. Retaliation
2. Revenge
3. Avengeance
4. Vengeance
5. Pay Back
6. Get Back


1. Justice

How do you feel when you enact any of these things listed in both lists? How do you think you should feel after having gotten any of the things listed in both lists?

I know there is not an honest soul that will be done wrong and not want to get 1-6 of the first list or 1 of the second list. I mean, what do you get out of being done wrong and leaving it at that? Do tell, my liar.

I will be getting what is on both lists pretty soon. Why? Since it is what will leave me feeling grand. What makes me feel grand may be difference than what makes any one else feel grand, you know? So respect the grand feeling I can gain from getting what's on both lists. What is on both lists are also riches the mind and soul can experience. The things cleanse the soul and make certian feel grand. If you rather a person feel like crap after being done wrong, then you are in my book what the devil is in my book. Which is what? Someone liking inner destructive feelings to be with others. Even the spiteful which pester know they will have me getting the things listed against them.
And it's going to be so clean and grand inner my spirit. I'm even going to have much in fruitfulness based on it. Know this. It even starts to feel sort of grand now in knowing I will get both the things listed.

My spirit calls for things. And do not try to be another's spirit to tell a spirit what it should and shouldn't be like. Afterall, you remain 'as is' do you not? And you are thankful for that much, correct? My spirit will never U-turn since it is faithful and true. And I am faithful and true to leave you you even with the consequences you gain.

Bottom line: when two greats make a mistake in sacrificing for the sake of another, all the other shall pay dearly for it since all the other have then done genuinely wrong to two greats that do seal all the other's fate. But on the bright side, two greats will be and feel blameless, and will have further riches contributed by the "61" thing. It's like how sex appeal cranks up between marriages having the fact of being full of the murderous hence with great grace and glory about it.

[edit on 23-5-2010 by Tormentations]

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