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John Stossel Defends Private Businesses Being Allowed To Be Racist

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 10:50 AM

I find it very hard to disagree with that stance
I just can't understand how people can allow govt. to parent the people and the people actually being FOR this.

I think that this shows how divided the country is, sure
There is a threat that comes along with this

Some minority groups would maybe cause some violence, in fact surely
but then also that would cause another cause of loss of business
and that alone might help curb such business practices

Can someone tell me with confidence why that would be a bad thing?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:19 AM
This whole thing isn't about racism, it's about big government. The people who are FOR big government controlling everything whipped out the racist card so we can all feel bad about being against government.

I personally don't mind seeing clubs for certain groups - women only, men only, but when it comes to "Black only" (the only example they seem to ever use) everyone gets all crazy and I agree - skin color shouldn't make a difference on getting into a place.

Should we allow straight guys onto the lesbian softball team? No.

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 12:23 PM
I disagree with John Stossel here. Once you start letting private buisness descriminate against races, they may as well be entitled to do it against women. But denying the most qualified person a job, on merely grounds of gender or race does nothing for our economy, does nothing for racial-gender economic mobility, does nothing for the good of society.

So I'd much rather live in a society where one Service Stations owner feels their human rights have been completely violated; because they haven't been able to refuse black men service, than to have: E.g. 60 black people, made to be thirsty, tired, hungry, or just have to run a car without gas, all because of one owners ideology (and that 60 people a year fugure, is only assuming an average of one black person, wanting to visit the place, every 6 days.

John Stosssel made a huge mistake by advocating this kind of rubbish. Far better to lead this (particular) "level" of politics to the Ku Klux Klan (and we all know how many votes, people like them recievet!)

One area I hold isssue with is here: In our facist U.K, it is illeagle to deny gay people to have sex in a Bed & Breakfast, if you also allow Hetrosexural couples to do the same. When an MP was secretly filmed, supporting this view, it became highly published by our "liberal" dictatorial press and because of the way this media "non debated" what he said, it also resulted in loss of much Conservative Party support

Also when another MP spoke a simple fact; by saying gay sex is more likely to spread AIDS he came under pressure, to be sacked:
It's this level of PC facism that the British public (as a majority) have clearly had enough. And is so it represents yet another area where a far more fundermental right (the right to be democratically represented) is being ignored. In a democracy MP's should still be free to speak unfasionable views, without their job coming under threat, from the crushing will of their own party (i.e. their particular branch of our Con-Lab-Liberal entity).


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