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The DOMA Collective (Connecting Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and more to Mother Goddess worship)

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posted on May, 23 2010 @ 04:06 PM
It won't let me edit my last post to add this, so I have to do another one. The date of the "Miracle of the Sun" was actually predicted before it happened (and before Lucia said the date, I think) by a spirit medium through automatic writing. It said that “The date of May 13th will be one of great happiness for the good souls of the world”. It then says to "have faith and be good and that love is always at your side and friends will assist you in your work and the brightness of the MORNING STAR will ILLUMINATE the path for you"

Now that sounds a little odd to me. The "morning star" is both the name of Lucifer, and for Venus. Venus is, of course, a female Goddess, but the "illuminate" part is a common theme in gnostic or luciferian beliefs.

Also, "A group of psychics in Lisbon got the number 135917 a cipher for the date of the first apparition and published the message in newspapers in March 1917. The publication of a number and a few words was a strange thing to do. To spiritualists it seems they felt compelled to do so, so it was an important date."

Talked about on this page, go down to the section "FATIMA PREDICTED?"

On this page below, type the ctrl + F thing and search for "On Sunday, June 18, 1961". I want to know if anyone can confirm that this event actually happened and was certainly no ordinary event that could be faked. What makes it really interesting is the part that states "on the Lady's right the girls could see 'A SQUARE OF RED FIRE FRAMING A TRIANGLE WITH AN EYE AND SOME WRITING. THE LETTER WAS IN AN OLD ORIENTAL SCRIPT"

The more complicated it gets, the less positive it looks. The being that they described sounds a lot like what the three kids at Fatima said in their original description of her.

Apparently in the Quran it refers to Allah as "The Lord of Sirius"
"And that He (Allâh) is the Lord of Sirius"

While browsing that last link I posted, I found this.
"the ancient "Eye of Horus" of Egypt, which according to Illuminists represented SIRIUS and was a major emblem within the Babylonian Mystery Religion."

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 04:25 PM
Sorry for having to do another post in a row, but now it won't let me edit my last post, and there is more relevant information to add.

If you add all of these facts and theories together things get really fascinating. They all seem to lead in the same direction, and it doesn't appear positive like the first site implied, it looks like both sides might be being played for the same goal. Either that, or two separate questionable goals.

Here is a site that give a direct opposing view to the DOMA Collective site. It goes off a bit in to some stuff I am not quite sure about, but it is still worth looking at.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 02:20 AM

Originally posted by NamelessMonster
Apparently in the Quran it refers to Allah as "The Lord of Sirius"
"And that He (Allâh) is the Lord of Sirius"

While browsing that last link I posted, I found this.
"the ancient "Eye of Horus" of Egypt, which according to Illuminists represented SIRIUS and was a major emblem within the Babylonian Mystery Religion.

How interesting!

Sirius is the sacred star of the Goddess Isis!

the brightest star in our sky!
the bright and morning star?


posted on May, 29 2010 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by queenannie38

Originally posted by NamelessMonster
Apparently in the Quran it refers to Allah as "The Lord of Sirius"
"And that He (Allâh) is the Lord of Sirius"

While browsing that last link I posted, I found this.
"the ancient "Eye of Horus" of Egypt, which according to Illuminists represented SIRIUS and was a major emblem within the Babylonian Mystery Religion.

How interesting!

Sirius is the sacred star of the Goddess Isis!

the brightest star in our sky!
the bright and morning star?


Islam really does seem like indirect Goddess worship. But could that just be the result of absorbing the practices that were going on at the time in that location? Before he removed them, there were female entities that were honored there. Also, I don't see how his covering of women, saying that they were only worth half of a man, and telling them that they can't mingle with men would be what a female entity wishes for. There were also other practices that honored women before Muhammad removed them, like priestesses that used to work in the Kaaba. Still, in the end all of these religions can be linked back to Babylonian religious practices. And from Babylonian religious practices (Ishtar is basically Isis) also came the beliefs and practices of the supposed "Illuminati" and Masonic groups that are supposed to be the bad guys. It all seems to point in the same direction

Also, can somebody explain to me why most religious practices and entities, even stories, are bases on the planets and stars? Why would these entities fit perfectly with the celestial bodies?

While the part on Jesus may not be right, skip over that and read all of the other stories and their relation to the celestial bodies and their movements. It really does look like what inforeal said earlier about it being symbolic to teach a lesson. But why haven't the God/Godess or "Gods" cleared this up? Every major religion, or maybe just recent religion, believes them to be actual events. Only the "initiated" seem to understand the "hidden meaning". Thinking of all the chaos and suffering misinterpreting these religions has caused, these entities don't seem as all powerful as they claim to be, either that or they don't care.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by NamelessMonster

As far as the Alif-Laam-Meem thing goes, the author of the page has got it completely wrong, unfortunately. Where she(?) mentions "It must be read like ancient Hebrew was read, from right to left", she made a silly mistake.

The text IS already from right to left (arabic is written right to left), and WHILE READING it right to left, it reads "Alif Laam Meem", as it is written, not the reverse, (Laam Alif Meem). Also, saying these are words is somewhat disingenuous, because they´re not. They are letters.

The beginnings of (some of) these chapters have letters, not words. So it´d be like having A-L-M at the beginning, not "Aye-Ell-Emm"

Another point, the idea that the title of the chapter "Al-Baqarah" (the cow) is significant isn´t really supported. There are 114 chapters in the Quran, each with their own titles, which are usually taken from some word used IN the chapter. The "heifer" bit is taken from a reference in the chapter to the Prophet Moses and some argument about a cow. There are also other chapter titles like "The table-spread" or "The opening" or "Women".

Also, addressing a later point (which is somewhat unrelated to the topic, I guess, but still), Muhammad didn´t "introduce" the concept of covering up women. It was already there in Pre-Islamic arabian society (imported from Persians, I think), as a way of signifying the importance of wealth of the woman (important women would be too important to be showing themselves, thus they travelled around covered, while poorer women did were not covered). Islamic culture (but some would argue not the actual religion) just sort of picked up on it and spread it around on everyone.

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by babloyi

Thanks for the info, it is much appreciated. Something to note is that the importance of the star "Sirius" was a part of the paganism going on before Muhammad introduced Islam. So the "Lord of Sirius" part could have just been absorbed from the earlier practices.

On the subject of the veil, or "Hijab", this points out some interesting facts on it's introduction in to the religion.

He did in fact later have a revelation that made a mandate for it, after being harassed.

And on top of that the borrowed pagan practices from Goddess worship that date back to Babylon and possibly before are undeniable. The only good excuse I can think of is the one that has been made by the DOMA collective (which is actually a flawed conclusion) or some of the more esoteric views on it (The site I posted earlier on Sakina). The Goddess's mark is undeniable, which actually does cause contradictions.

Anyway, here is a page that points out some good facts related to the nature of these "divine" entities. At the moment this is the most logical conclusion in my opinion, judging by all of the chaos and deception that seems to be going around.

Also, to clear up what I said earlier about the "morning star" and "lucifer", I wasn't saying that Lucifer was Satan. I was just saying that the Masons and supposed "illuminati" also know all of this stuff apparently and it plays in to their beliefs. The masonic Shriners (of which until 2001 you had to be a 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite to join, now just master Mason) use the crescent moon and star as well.

This thread that I just found is fascinating and clears up some of the whole "Lucifer is Satan" mess.

So, could it be that the Masons are actually on the right track?

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 08:38 PM
I just found another bit of interesting information from that first site that I forgot about.

". Now you know why the Virgin Mary choose that little town in Portugal. Because it was named after her, Fatima. Fatima, was the name for the Goddess. It means The Creatress, or The Moon. Again, it is another name for ISIS."

Is this true?

Also, here is one for the Muslims that was mentioned in one of the last parts of the site (you should really read all of it before discussing it here)

"I also gave you the secret to decoding
the cryptic words prefacing certain chapters of the Kor-An (Qur'an). Each of these were the
actual names of the DOMA goddess who were responsible for the chapter's content.
Only those chapters may be considered divine knowledge given to man by those above. "

Also, if you go to the site's link section on the web archive there is a link to Druid information. If I am not mistaken, druids indulged in human sacrifice. Does this sound like a good thing?

Ok, things just got more interesting, on the archive page that I never read before there was a message outlining her supposed personal experiences with the extra terrestrials and lists a certain prophecy

"So that you may know I am speaking the truth, I can reveal one of the future signs to you. It will be called the Night of Lights. Watch the skies carefully. Remember that the triangle and crescent moon are her symbols. Mecca, Moscow and Jerusalem, will be witnesses, as will other areas. It will occur on the thirteenth of a particular month. That is as much as I am permitted to know about it. It will be a sign to those who believe in truth, and a warning to those who deny it. When it occurs, remember it is she who does the works. Do not be ignorant of her, nor her signs. Of all the stars in the heavens, she is the brightest."

Did anything ever happen?

This page elaborates on it

Any info on this would be appreciated.

In this one she implies that stuff happened, but I can't find any big news of anything like this happening all over the place in 1994. were there any big events like the ones she implied that year?

"I hope everyone is enjoying the light show so far, in Kentucky, California, South Africa, etc. This period of increased activity will continue up to December 25th. After that, only My Lady knows what will occur. "

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 01:20 AM
Doing another post because the other got too long. She posted some compilations of information and news supposedly related to her predictions. I didn't read them yet, but I will later.

I don't know if these events can be confirmed or even connected, but it is still worth looking at in relation to her other posts. I did a quick scan and none of the events appeared to be in Mecca or Russia from what I saw, but I may be wrong. These posts just made things get a little bit more complicated and odd.

I really wish I could get in contact with her if she is still around, but I can't see any info on the site that I could use, and the email address posted on the archive version of the page is inactive.

Problem is that all of this was over 10 years ago.

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by NamelessMonster

I took a look at the DOMA site.

It starts out with bad sci fi.

They are from three main colony zones: Sirius, Orion, and Pleiades.

Sirius isn't that bad, other than its system is somewhat hostile to life. Its not that far away in terms of stars.

Orion on the other hand is a constellation made up of multiple stars. They are not close to each other. The constellation appears due to our perspective. Some of the stars are over 1000 light years away. I cannot convey in words how far that is away.

Two of its stars are not too bad.

Pi³ Orionis at 26 light years, but its a white dwarf star.
Chi¹ Orionis at 28 light years, a dwarf with a companion.

Pleiades is a star cluster and its 440 light years away. The stars are young hot blue stars around 100 million years old. They are expected to burn out in 200 million years.

I know people like to pick the three objects. Humans like to pick objects in the sky they can see with the naked eye.

The vast majority of stars, red dwarfs, that may have planets and may have life are not visible to the naked human eye.

From a mythological point of view, it makes a mistake assuming that the Canaanite Elohim and Sumerian Annunaki are totally different pantheons, when in fact they share many traits.

There are more plausible ways of creating such space opera. Instead of Elohim and Annunaki, a more plausible version would be the Asuras/Ahuras and the Deva/Daeva.

The Deva are the gods of Hinduism. The term itself is related to our western words Deus and Divine. The earliest form is the RigVedic pantheon which is very similar to the Canaanite Elohim and the Sumerian Annunaki. The earliest writings have 33 Divinities in the Rigvedic pantheon.

In Buddhism, Trayastrimśa is the second heaven. Its name means "Belonging to the 33". It is the highest heaven still linked with Earth. The Lord of the 33, is Sakra, a title of the Rigvedic King of the gods Indra. In Taoism, Sakra and Indra are the August Jade Emperor, ruler of the mortal realms. Also compare to the storm god Baal-Hadad that rules the Canaanite Elohim and En-Lil who rules the Sumerian Annunaki, the only one of the Annunaki that could commune with Anu(Supreme Heaven/Sky Father). Baal-Hadad and En-Lil both rule from a " great mountain". Likewise Sakra, Lord of the Deva rules from Sumeru, the heavenly mountain of the 33 gods. In Hinduism the mountain is known as Meru.

The Elohim assembled on Mount Zephon/Zaphon. The mountain is referenced in the Bible in Isaiah 14:13

You said in your heart, "I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.

En-Lil rules from E-Kur or Kur-Gal.

In ancient Persia, the Daeva or Devs, are considered to be the false gods or rejected gods. The chief or king of the Daevas is called Angra Mainyu and Ahriman.

This brings me to the other pantheon, the Ahuras or the Asuras. The enemies of the Devas/Daevas.

To the ancient Persians, the Ahuras were the gods. Their chief or lord was Ahura Mazda or Ormazd. Ahura Mazda was sometimes identified with the Assyrian skyfather Asshur and the Akkadian "father of Heaven" Anshar.
He is the upholder of Asha, cosmic justice and order. Compare to the Greek Logos. His active principle is the Spenta Mainyu or "Holy Spirit". Beneath him is Mithra/Mithras, patron of covenants and truth. Serving Him are six archangelic beings known as the Amesha Spentas.

To the Hindus, the Asuras, are a powerful group of beings who oppose the Devas. Just as the Zoroastrians veiw the Daevas as adversaries of the Ahuras, the Hindus view the Asuras as adversaries of the Devas.

Oddly, the Vedic Asura Varuna is the keeper of law and order. He is chief of the Adityas, seven (sometimes twelve) celestial deities, and guardian of Rta, cosmic order and foundation of Dharma.

Like the Persian Ahura Mazda who has Mithra, the Vedic Varuna has Mitra. Mitra is one of the Adityas and like Mithra, a patron of covenants and justice.

The Buddhists view the same conflict between the Asuras and the Devas. The Buddhist view has echoes of the Titanomachy of Greek myth, where Sakra Indra defeated them, causing them to fall from the Heavenly mountain Sumeru.

In this "celestial opera", instead of stars, the use of dimensions or parallel universes is more plausible.

Sumeru, Meru, Zaphon or Kur-Gul becomes the Axis Mundi, from which the Cosmic Archon rules with 33 other chief archons or devas. This Axis Mundi would reside in a realm considered the closest dimension or reality still in contact with earth by liminal points. They rule and control the earth.

Beyond them is another dimension or reality not directly linked to earth. This is the realm of the Logos or cosmic order. The keepers of this order at times find themselves in conflict with the keepers of earth. Some of them have even failed in their duties resulting in their exile and incarnation on earth. These exiles find themselves in constant warfare with the keepers of earth.

In a sense, there are three factions at conflict in this opera.

1. The transcendent guardians and keepers of cosmic order.
2. The keepers and guardians of Earth.
3. The exiled fallen.

The humans and earth become plot devices for the conflict. The agents of all three factions become the protagonists and antagonists.

To me at least, using this structure is more plausible. It unites Abrahamic, Dharmic, Taoic, and "Pagan" myth and archetypes into a unified mythos. Lost civilizations, lands, secret societies and Forteana could all be easily incorporated into it.

One of the more interesting incoporations could be MIT professor Max Tegmark's "Four Levels of the Multiverse".

•Level I: A generic prediction of cosmological inflation is an infinite ergodic universe, which contains Hubble volumes realizing all initial conditions - including an identical copy of you about 101029 meters away.
•Level II: In many models, inflation can produce multiple Level I multiverses that have different effective physical constants, dimensionality and particle content.
•Level III: In unitary quantum mechanics, other branches of the wavefunction add nothing qualitatively new, which is ironic given that this quantum parallel universes have historically been the most controversial.
•Level IV: Other mathematical structures give different fundamental equations of physics.

Using this as a frame of reference, the realm of the "gods" (Devas) is a reality, separated by a cosmic horizon but connected to our reality possibly through wormholes.

The realm of cosmic order is possibly a Level IV reality.

Welcome to the Level IV multiverse. You can think of what I'm arguing for as Platonism on steroids: that external physical reality is not only described by mathematics, but that it is mathematics. And that our physical world (our Level III multiverse) is a giant mathematical object in the Level IV multiverse of all matematical objects.

I hope that makes some sense.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 03:18 PM
Has anyone gotten to the point where she claims that the Biblical "Aaron" was female and lists supposed evidence? To anyone that is well researched in religion, please skip straight to the "Messiah Project" sections, that is where the really strange religious claims are made. I would like to see some of the more religiously knowledgeable users point out where these claims are wrong or right. A thorough refutation of her claims on the Bible would be very much appreciated, if anyone has the time.

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 12:59 AM
This is the author of the thread using a different account. I lost my password.

This site is bunk. Almost every claim is false and I have personally done research and debunked it.

There are also two other threads that point out some of the numerous flaws.

Please do not take it seriously, the flaws are seriously laughable.
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