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Asia Times: Iran, Sun Tzu and the Dominatrix[H. Clinton]

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:12 PM
Just thought ATS would appreciate this article from Asia Times

Please visit the source for the complete article.

A very informative and well grounded article, I suggest anyone that is interested in the whole 'Iran affair' right now read this article.

The opening quote:

Let's face it: Hillary Clinton is one hell of a dominatrix.

At first the United States Secretary of State said the Brazil-Turkey mediation to get Iran to accept a nuclear fuel swap was destined to fail. Then the US State Department said it was the "last chance" for an agreement without sanctions. And finally, less than 24 hours after a successful agreement in Tehran, Hillary whips the UN Security Council into submission and triumphantly proclaims to the world a draft resolution for a fourth UN round of sanctions against Iran has been reached.

At a time when the Western banking interests have tried to ramp up war tensions with Iran, the independent media is largely defusing this situation along with some up and coming world powers that actually care about their countries and the human beings that reside there.

The only thing left for the warmongering parties? Throwing a temper tantrum.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:35 PM
Another good quote:

So we have come to a situation whereby a real, Iran-approved nuclear fuel swap is on the table at the International Atomic Energy Agency while an offensive towards sanctions on Iran is ongoing at the UN. Who is the real "international community" going to trust? Erdogan could not have put it better; "This is the time to discuss whether we believe in the supremacy of law or the law of the supremes and superiors ..."

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