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Buddah, Ghandi, even Jesus were Illuminati - Love & Evol to all

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by SKIN-E
To all you must never say you have an answer. All we do here on ATS is complain about secret societies, and disinformation. We try to seek out truth but the same song plays. How long are we going to sit in front of this screen and say we want change but arent active in the communities. I work trying to get people jobs literally. Think about your role in society on the daily. Misguided you say I am? Or I take the opposite perspective and challenge both sides of the fence. Never take sides because both are right in their own way. There are ways to make money dont expect it to fall in your hands and THE GOVERNMENT HANDS OUT MONEY LIKE CANDY if you stopped hating them and signed up for UI GR or foodstamps. People please lets go to phase 2 of this reality and evolve our consciousness.

Someone scratches their nose when you talk to them> They agree with you

Someone scratches the arm on the side you are Theyr rightyour left>they disagree with certain parts of what you say.

Theyr left eye when they are to YOUR right> They want you to look.

Pay attention to the simplicity of body language in this matrix. EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF INFLUENCE AFFECTS YOU and we have chosen to disregard that distraction. I am here not to tell you life is hopeless but to look at the grand scheme of that we should stop providing answers and looking for them because A QUESTION IS AN INFITITE MATH ON ITS OWN! The external world can only provide so much knowledge but it is mainly filled with un answered questions. WRITE YOUR DREAMS DOWN!!!!! Your subconscious mind records the details you chose to ignore.

As this being said make your own damn secret society if you feel me make your own group of beings whom are enlightened and work together as of what you know so far

-Our thoughts obviously have an affect on this reality or
-Our thoughts are in sync with the idea of having "choice"

We need to make posts about what we know about our inner selves. Im just tired of comingon ATS and seeing people so obsessed with the UFO Phenomena and will never meet an ET.

Almost maybe even one million people went up to the whitehouse to be against the war in iraq. Global consciousness didnt do a damn thing. STOP COMPLAINING AND PLAY THEYRE GAME THEY SET IT UP FOR A REASON. Whatever your intent is you have to play theyr game. Society was already set up before you came into this world. Like pac said those who tried to ask for change peacefully all are....dead.

Me personally dont give a damn cuz I am happy with my life. I ALWAYS try to give whatever is in my pocket when I see a homeless man. AND IM HELLA BROKE.

I apologise. You are liberated and I was hasty in my verbose.

My inner soul/being/etc/ is calm in the knowledge that there is nothing I , nor anyoe can actually do. The motion was set way before I was born. I have just 'grown' to accept things the way there are. used to be really angry about not being able to change the course. Its only recently, I accept it. Peace brother.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 11:31 PM
Like I stated before Im just playing both sides of the game. For I am an American...isnt that what we do??

[edit on 30-5-2010 by SKIN-E]

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