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Money Problems

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 12:28 AM
So I've been meaning to put this on ATS but errrrr, it's not typical ats stuff....

But if your like me your not financially great and could use some help.

Here's a few things I've found to make extra money.

1) Plasma Donation

I do this frequently and the donation centers are everywhere, remember your being paid for your time and not the donation. My experience was about $40.00 my first time and second time, and around $20.00 for all my other visits. I have seen a few places paying up to $75.00 (Must be in good health, no STDs, no drugs).

First visit usually requires an appointment and lasts around 3 hours (I was a walk in barely, and was there for 5 hours), after that it takes about an hour and a half and you can walk in anytime (though you can only do it once every 48 hrs, twice a week, and if you end up donating blood you cannot donate for 8 weeks, same though if you donate plasma you cannot donate blood till the eight weeks is up, this is for your health)

2) Online Money

I can't write like most ATS members can! So I threw writing blogs out the window and started searching for other ways! After a while I found a survey site that has been legit so far but don't expect to be paid quickly. Survey Site, This is what I use, and I've made money just basically filling out a short survey before I run off to work, you may not receive a survey for a long time, but that's how it works.

Here's another, I haven't tried it, but it has great reviews. Trial Jurors

3) Sell Your Books

Don't expect to get paid near as much for your books as you paid for them! Still though it's money for something that's just taking up space.

These are by far the main three that I've found useful, though there are others for the really desperate.

Sell Your Eggs -

Sounds fun. But it's a very serious procedure and requires a lot of work over a fairly lengthy time period. Payment from what I've read is around $8,000.00

Sell Your Sperm -

It's in fairly high demand, but prepare to receive less if you don't want to give pictures of yourself to the person who will receive, also everyone will know exactly what your doing. It's a good way to get a quick buck and I believe the same rules go for this as the Plasma donation, except they will check your stuff out and you may not be eligible if your sperm count is low. (From what I've read also, Australians must prepare for a call eighteen years after payment lol) Payment is usually from what I've read around $75.00 .

I'm curious if other members have special ways to making extra cash other then things like lemonade stands and those things, but things you can do repeatedly and frequently. I've made donating plasma my second income, it adds an extra 200 bucks a month, average, to my income

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 01:51 AM
I like the sperm donation idea. Why not get paid to do what we guys do all the time anyway?
Maybe you'll get the nurse from that movie Tomcats. That would be sweet. (I work in the medical field I know it doesn't work that way, just having fun.)
The only downside is that I already have 4 kids, and although they wouldn't be my personal responsibility I would be remiss in my duties to eliminate suffering if I unleashed more of my spawn upon the world. I have great kids, and I love them, but they could tear the horn off an anvil with their bare hands, and of course it would be an "accident."

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 01:55 AM
I used to go out busking with my guitar at weekends. In 2006, I made $1600 in one year!

that was busking for 3 hrs every weekend.

Not bad, and I ended up blowing the whole lot on a fancy holiday house for a few days with my missus!

In my opinion, any money you get through not really working hard for it should be blown in fine style!!

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by grantbeed

Absolutely! I have written a few articles online, and they make me about $30-$40 a month. I blow the money in the most superfluous manner possible. I need every single dollar I get from my regular paycheck, and that extra $30 or so a month to just be crazy with gets it out of my system, and makes keeping to a budget easier. Plus it's residual so I don't do anything for it. I buy stupid worthless junk from ebay, and giggle like a school girl when it comes in the mail. It's all scam crap, and I know it won't work, but it's fun to try to make the junk work, and then laugh 'til milk spews out your nose when it predictably, and spectacularly fails. Then I write an article about it, and make a little more money!
Ok now that I'm disturbing everyone with my wierdness, I'll go back to lurking.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:24 AM
Lol, donating sperm. The payoff will depend on if you're a combination doctor-athlete-rocket scientist- underwear model or... Not, although most kids of such 'donators' don't turn out much like their fine specimens of dads, admittedly.

Anyway you never know if they need your sperm to inoculate a batch of experimental (and expendable) boar-human hybrid eggs at Dulce base

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