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Mind-Body Problem

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 09:07 PM
What we have is two different spheres of consciousness which influence each other but how we consciously observe allows us to shift the angle we look at this problem. The body is consciousness manifested through the physical we react to certain happenings in our body to the real world around us. It takes in information of what we know and the brain transmits it to our mind which is broken down into consciousness. Let's suppose an individual like a baby it is evident that it does not know the nature of the fire that it emits heat that will effect. It is only experiencing this heat or going through allowing it to enter the body. The body reacts and the mind grows or responds to it either positively or negatively.

That is the body is absorbing the knowledge of the fire burning the baby though it becomes a conscious effort or choice to know that doing it again will cause the same results. The body merely is a mechanism that repeats its needs which the mind then consciously breaks down to try to make the surrounding environments suffice to the bodies absorption of knowledge. The mind is able to consciously know experiences and what they are like without experiencing it. Though it is the body is the absolute necessity to know or experience the reality of the fire's burning force.

Our minds are able to only know this from a distant or because it is happening in the fire. It is the body in which our mind has its first and most intimate experiences. The body is the embolism of the mind from which it grows and develops and has the freedom to master itself to know that the fire is Hot and will always be that way. The body builds its mechanism on processing knowledge that is constant or sure of happening and so our body builds defense mechanisms to keep.

It is absorbs and keeps and knowledge based on empirical understandings of the reality of the object being perceived. It is from the body we define our master-slavery of our mind. Our mind is merely trapped in our body only freed when we are able to be conscious of the fire being hot and to make our own rational decisions to know the danger it poses to the body. The body knows this because it possesses the knowledge before this conscious knowledge exist. It knows it exist and is being moved by the idea of consciousness that is the mind.

Essentially the mind and the body are the same but in so far as we are able to govern our consciousness to know what the body wants. The body make experiences intimate almost in a spiritual way like sex for instance the body reacts to it almost with certain knowledge of the pleasure it gives but it cannot know the ethical or moral backrounds to it. It can only experience and respond to the nature of the object or act being thrust upon it and it reacts instantly without thought.

It is in a way an unwritten tablet upon which the ideas of the consciousness are being thrust upon. It is when we are able to define consciously the consequences of our act that our bodies is becoming a conscious effort of our mind. That is to say our body starts reacting to the knowledge the mind has been able to build off it and consciously know. This is when we are able to break down the moral ramifications an act can have. Once the mind chooses to engage the body in an act then the conscious act moves the body into a position in which it knows it will experience its reactions. Once these reactions become processes in the body they become part of our mental evaluation. So as far as our mind is able to consciously observe something and know that the fire is hot or sex will cause pleasure it must be an experience the body engages in to know it exist. It might exist there as having the potential to exist in our conscious but only as something we can experience.

Now to not repeat myself anymore the slave-master ideas surrounding body mind and the growth and the development will be explained. Our minds are essentially from very young enslaved to the concepts of the body. Our desire to be fed and cared for develops the idea of self in the mind that is ego. It is through the comforts and satisfying that our body experiences that after a long time of repeating these natural impulses of necessity that we then are able to reach a certain idea of freedom. We know that these instincts have led us to a certain conscious awareness that it is necessary to care for our bodies. It is then that we break down and are able to engage our consciousness in the necessities of the body and move into reaction the body-mind relation. We are able to master ourselves to a certain degree of the necessity of the food it is when we rely to heavily on the satisfying of our body needs that we lose all identification with our consciousness. We are not able to consciously act anymore or govern ourselves that is to have self control but we rather have to react consciously knowing it to our bodies desire to fulfill its survival reaction.


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