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"Infinite Mind Discussions"

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 04:36 PM
1. Realisms
2. Surrealisms
3. Dawnings
4. Mind Blowings

All of these things have different baring within a person's mind sometimes. See if you can describe them each in how you've experienced them from ever before.

Here I shall use each of the listed words in a straight sentence-question to aid you in understanding what might strongly sometimes come on the immeasureable infinite mind certain of us have concerning, say, someone come across as abnormally (or highly) special:

Ever met a chick (or dude) that gives you realisms and surrealisms and dawnings and mind blowings that are all so far out of this world when she (or he) just comes on your mind in such different than normal ways or while you're doing things with or without her (or him)?

It's like
wow in that who wouldn't want these things I listed above coming on so strong in life sometimes? It's like if you've never received these things I listed, then you've been missing out on the immeasureable sides of life. Nothing bgrand than them immeasureable thoughts that can come on from out of nowhere all so sudden concerning something(s) or someone(s). The very things listed up top come on over me concerning the particular brides I got. But don't you go and get jealous now about my faithful and true lifestyle.
A dawning I tend to have is that certain moments I just pause in mind and can't grasp that I'm actually going to see THAT certain somebody. A mind blowing I tend to have sometimes is that it can't be true, though it actually is true that I have a certain somebody that welcomes being deemed mines. A surrealism I tend to have is when I am right in the middle of experiencing a certain someone that I can't believe is doing what they are doing to me with themself. A realism I would tend to get is that, wow, I'm ACTUALLY infinite and can have what all I create for myself come made genuine! Well, that's just me in my own mind's understanding of the escapable things one comes in and out of mentally grasping since the infinite is so immeasureable.

Do any of you think there is more things that can make that list up top I put? If so, then by all means simply do speak on it.


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