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The Purpose of Technology

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:40 PM
Technology is nothing new to any age it is a definition of the age. Technology shows human investment in self because it dictate what men direct their conscious towards. Technology is a frame an essence of that conscious which we seek to be projected upon the material which becomes a faculty of our own mental processes. Technology is just not for need but it to care for our conscious to make sure we are contact with the reality around us. Upon it we are able to see our conscious within the material of faculty which is within our own perception. Modern technology though tries to make it much more than an individual choice to personify choice but to make it a conscious whole. When we go out and drive in the car our options are diversified and personified.

Technology is to create a private self almost like a thing upon which we knew before it existed. It creates an identification of self we can modify based on the fact that our modification revolves around our own conscious perceptions. This in itself is the greatness and disaster of modern technology it projets every human though onto the consciousness of technology and wishes to project from itself an imagery which is no longer necessary but only a means of caring for. How this care proceeds is based upon our own self conceived notions of our selves. The person no longer wishes to seek the privacy of his technology but he wishes to engage in it and become it because it his nature to become it because technology as a frame of the development of human thought has given to many the idea of his own thought.

It is indeed human development in organism that has formed in pre-existing antiquated ways the idea of human development through the frame of technology. Though this being has deformed all of our developments upon this idea it has given us the freedom to pursue the consciousness of our thoughts. Indeed this deformation is no other then the time of our own frame within technology. Technology itself represents the frame of time trying to reflect the long constant stream on intelligent thought into the object which moves through this stream to manifest the idea and conscious of humans as practical to the operation of self. Through this operation then the seeds of understanding are planted into the operation itself not merely as having an effect upon human cause but instead the car that someone drives take on the cause of operation.

In all frame it no longer technology frame is becoming in itself in the car the question is there really any frame who is this created by the idea of human distinction. Will human technology one able to personify the idea of all human conscious of being or both of these responsible causes for why we consciously pursue to engage our reason, happiness in technology. Is the individual to govern himself to an end or is it technology will fulfill his conscious desires not merely as they are but as an end. Does the frame of technology no longer exist it is only in our own individual cause is this frame something we have to make our own? The question is made by understanding the certain identities of technology such as tv's computers, and cars. As all inventions these ideas already pre-existed there own human distinctions of them humans have only projected by human distinction to reshape their frame. Humans have in there own individual ways effected the cause of their own technology. Knowing this individuals have sought that technology should no longer continue to just be a means or even an ends but to be the embolism of all means upon the ends containing every pre-existing language contained in the frame of technology. This language is contained in the most primitive of cave man and early humans.

It is the inexpressible language of self being contrived through being. Human conscious cannot upon technology be able to express self without being able to contrive his being as being part of technology. In this domain of thought the car becomes the embolism of the individual thoughts and wants a mere ends to his own desires, happiness, and pleasure. It is certain it was created by our own conscious to be certain of our own happiness, reason, and pleasure. The car becomes an embolism of self consciousness and cause for the individual it represents the individual. It in itself is given the geist to control conscious observation to tilt the distinctions which its own frame runs through.

It becomes its own redefinition it becomes its own individual. Technology itself even though made and shaped by our own human distinctions essentially controls us. In so much as we think we can have an effect on technology it is our constant desire to reflect our own conscious observations around the idea of technology that we merely become a conscious part of what we conscious create. We become the idea of technology being expressed through our own conscious efforts to build it. To confront it is to embrace the technological frame which all the language of and human distinction has existed in.

Thus through technology we can explain why we consciously move or try to effectively project our consciousness upon the car. The car becomes a mean for us to try to express its own language which has created our distinctions of it but in order for us to be truly free we must indeed understand the car is a cause for the human consciousness existing. Not to say our distinctions are free to create a car but the idea goes beyond itself. We are free to make our own distinctions only in so far as the reality of the car exist as a cause of our conscious observations because it allows our individual to project our own idea of individual self upon these observations. When instead these observations are not satisfied without the frame of technology existing.
This frame dictates our expression of distinctions in building technology no more then an expression effected by the idea of the car existing. This is to say our technology upon the perceptions and stream of constant human thought is no more than effect. Essentially it is the technology which we as humans build which cause our own consciousness to seek to make them to operate. This operation seek to become an embolism of our conscious observations to build it and thus it becomes the frame of our technology not as an individual advancement but as a symbol of all past human thought projected in to the consciousness of the idea.

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