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Angela Merkel's reluctant help for Greece could cost her Job

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 02:15 PM

German anger at the 750billion Euro Greek bailout is swelling as world markets slid after initial excitement at the bailout fizzled.

The headline on the front page of Germany's biggest newspaper, Bild, summed up the national mood, declaring: 'We are once again the schmucks of Europe!'

Last week their chancellor promised Greece over 22billion Euros worth of aid over the next three years.

On Monday that was made to look like loose change when Angela Merkel said Germany's share to underwrite the currency in total would be 123billion Euros.

Today, Bild said: 'The EU and the Eurozone want to spend a massive 750billion Euros to save the European currency. Germany alone will have to fork out 123billion Euros for its bankrupt neighbours.

'There is now not enough money for the planned tax cuts here!

'Are we really the schmucks of Europe?

'Chancellor Angela Merkel said: 'We are protecting the money of people in Germany.' Really?'

There are rumours that the right-wingers in her conservative CDU party are plotting a coup against her - rumours strengthened by the visceral distaste for her latest largesse in trying to prop up the common currency.

An attempted coup against Angela Merkel, that would be a surprise. I am not a professional of German politics so I must ask the question, if there is a coup will there be another election? I will take a swing in the dark and bet that ‘The Left’ will gain the most seats, even more than the ‘Social Democratic Party’. We can expect the Free Democratic Party and Christian Social Union to collapse if there is another election. As stated in the article this bailout is only delaying the inevitable which is the collapse of the Euro and the eventual dismantling of the European Union.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 02:37 PM
I am just giving this thread a bump

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