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Speaking the truth could get you killed, fired, foreclosed upon or worse

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 02:58 AM
It's true

Rebellion - Revolution against authority is what Jesus taught and the establishment killed him for it.

The establishment accepts and condones the corruption of the human spirit. They see corruption as their means of maintaining power. They inbreed and couple with eachother in an attempt to maintain control over the population. Those in power and control have recruited the dregs of society as thier allies.

Speak truth at your own peril.

Lies are almost always accepted before the truth as it is easier to believe a lie than it is the truth. And the crazy part is that the truth is always subjective and based upon ones perception of the world. Therefore one mans truth is another mans lie.

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 11:00 AM
Funny isnt it!

I i have a short story for you:

In 2002 i worked for the "Steelworks Hamburg" which started to be part of the biggest steel corporation (called "ISPAT") in the world. I made my job as good as i can and i was the best apprentice since twenty years. (read my previus posts, if you wanna know how i did)
Then 2004 had a meeting with the head of personnel department and randomly wore a shirt with this pic: ( The Book was only out in US and a friend gave it to me(bought at JFK) before it was out in germany)

The meeting was about to see what the future will bring and not really important, but before the end i started to get confusing:
He: "Do you know what the sign means, you wear on your shirt? - Yeah, for shure!- Are you really shure?"- my answer - "Yes!" He carries on: "And you are really shure about, what it means and the consequences? - Yeah, i am!" Then he suddenly stops and ended the meeting.
No WEEK after this, i was fired! With no explicit reason! I got a pay off, about ten thousand euros and never heard of them.
The funniest was i made researches about the steelwork and symbology and found synchrnities to the masons and their symbolics....

So, in the meantime i made a worldtrip, (saw too much) and came back to germany ´cause of funding a family to support my interests. Know i am back and making music again, spread the word of truth.. Hope i wont have an accident...

Soon, i will open a thread about the connection of freemasons and illuminati exposed and will give proof with pics and a ebook!

Also i wanna spead the word of truth with a mixtape project. Please advertise it as much u can do...



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