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DNA, your connection to the god source

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:33 AM
Here is a paper I wrote for extra credit in chemistry that the teacher wouldnt take because it was late, so I thought I would put it to some use.

Throughout our existence, people have always wondered where we came from, and who we are.
Many scientists agree that at some point, life spontaneously generated, and that we are the result of a billion years of evolution. In today's society most except this as a fact and no longer question or seek the truth. Currently there is enough scientific evidence to prove that there is more to this story than meets the eye. If the planet and universe are billions of years old, and we have only had sophisticated technology for the last 40-50 years, how can we expect that we know everything. Between science and religion there is an agreement that something did intervene not long ago, and that it had a strong effect on evolution and our DNA makeup.

Cosmic Radiation, the highest classification for energy that we use today, it surrounds our solar system seeping out from deep space. There are two types of cosmic radiations, Galactic cosmic rays are high-energy particles that flow into our solar system from far away in the Galaxy. They are mostly pieces of atoms: protons, electrons, and atomic nuclei which have had all of the surrounding electrons stripped during their high-speed-passage through the Galaxy while approaching the speed of light. Our own Sun emits around 1366 watts per square meter (W/m²) of Solar Cosmic Rays, providing our planet with abundant energy. On average our sun has an 11-year sunspot cycle and experiences a solar maximum and minimum, meaning that the output varies. When a reverse polarity sun spot appears on the surface of the sun it signifies that a pole shift has occurred, and that its magnetic poles have switched and strengthened. In a broader look our solar system revolves around what is theorized to be a super massive black hole making up the center of the Milky Way. Otherwise known as the “Galactic Center”, it produces energy equivalent to hundreds of thousands of supernova explosions.

This point in the sky is very popular among the most ancient of civilizations on the planet, when our solar system aligns with the galactic center it produces a giant cross in the sky. Ancient cultures referred to this as the dark rift, and also the cross or crucifixion in the bible, this is alignment is predicted to happen in the Chinese “I-Ching” , Mayan Long Count Calender, Bible, and many other ancient records. What is special about this alignment is that the Earth and Sun will pass through the very densest of energy clouds, experiencing a much high vibration of energy then we have ever been around to experience. The interesting thing about this is that when the sun is experiencing a solar maximum, its electromagnetic field blocks out incoming cosmic radiation, causing an inverse relationship between the two. The sun's outer field or “bow shock” reaches a great distance from the sun, acting almost like a shield to cosmic radiation. There is now evidence that Earth's magnetic field has been diminishing for quite some time, this field also blocks out cosmic radiation. Before so much air pollution and atmosphere depletion the field would deflect the suns lower energy particles effectively, but because of the shear energy of cosmic radiation these particles actually shoot right into the earth, passing through many obstacles. As a result of this depletion, more cosmic rays are reaching our ground effecting us and our environment.

It is now proven that Cosmic Radiation can effect human DNA by bombarding it with high energy particles. There is an ongoing study on astronauts that have been effected by the radiation they were exposed to in outer space, the proportion of their cells with altered chromosomes rises from 1 per cent to about 1.5 per cent. Tree and forest growth actually accelerates when there is an increase of cosmic radiation reaching the surface. One theory is that

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:35 AM
it diffuses and penetrates the forest better, there are still other factors that indicate that it has a direct influence on plant growth. During the Jurassic Period the solar system traveled through the galactic center, providing the earth with a much higher level of radiation, could this have sparked a new age in evolution? There are many types of mutations that can happen in our DNA. These mutations can be caused by radiation, viruses, transposons and mutagenic chemicals, errors in in meiosis, or hyper mutation caused by the organism. Mutations can alter DNA in many ways, positive and negative, depending on the level of damage. In Darwin's Theory of Evolution he states that sudden mutations can occur randomly and prove beneficial, where the organism then gives birth to new offspring with a chance of having those mutations. If mutations are the direct cause of evolution, then radiation exposure can be a primary cause for leaps in the fossil record.
Since the discovery of DNA, scientists have come to the conclusion that 97% of our DNA is “junk” or its use is not yet know. This is a large number, if we are where we are now using 3%, then what would we be like if we used 100%? From a philosophical standpoint I believe that DNA is the key for us to understand where we came from, what we are here for, and where we must go from now. All religions have their own interpretations but we must realized that our DNA makes up the very fabric of our existence. If by chance a person was exposed to large amounts of Cosmic Radiation, theoretically it is possible for them to undergo spontaneous evolution. By the shear amount and intensity of bombardments, DNA could be able to completely reprogram itself. In order to better understand this theory we must realize that we know absolutely nothing about the universe, we can only theorize what is happening from the small observatory we call Earth. Beyond the Sun's solar winds exists a constant flow of high energy emitted from other stars. There are recent findings that suggest nearby star systems have also aided in human evolution. Looking back at time, something is happening now that most people never think about. It seems that humans may actually be undergoing an acceleration in evolution, for example our technology keeps exponentially increasing and events are happening much faster.
In order to continue our species on this planet we as a complete society need to realize that our current ways of living will not sustain the planet. Ignorance on these issues is now leading to global catastrophes, such as the recent two oil rigs tipping over and polluting our environment. These conditions will add up with other past incidents, along with nuclear waste exposure to inhibit the healthy growth of our DNA. There are now startling findings in almost all ancient civilizations that they had more knowledge about our origins and life beyond our earth than we can imagine. There is no other way of explaining how so many thriving ancient civilizations developed abilities such as constructing giant buildings like the pyramids out of the blue. Almost all of these civilizations learned to construct these impossible cities around the same time, yet they were separated by sometimes thousands of miles. All of this has followed a global catastrophe, which has been well documented in many ancient manuscripts, therefor you must ask yourself what we really know. It is evident that our species is much older than certain groups want us to believe. Many civilizations dating far back from the times of the Sumerians, the surviving group of this global disaster, have constructed unthinkable things.
We must be willing to accept that we are still learning about the universe and how we have come to be. Finding answers is much easier to do with an open mind, which is hard to find in the western world as we have forgotten these past ways of thinking. Many believe in astrology and energies effecting us from outside of this planet, and there is evidence of this. In the past evolution has taken giant leaps and it is very possible that mankind may be well underway with another. Someday people such as Albert Einstein could be the norm, as the bombardment of cosmic rays is predicted to exponentially increase in the next few years. This galactic alignment has been been talked about for thousands of years, and is the foundation of many religions and societies, and now our science is completely backing up this reality. Global warming is an excuse for certain organizations to profit off of something that is completely uncontrollable, as it is being discovered that we are not the only planet undergoing this transition. We need to learn that there are certain factors that we can not control, and we need to realize that we are a small planet traveling in a sea of frequencies and vibrations, which all effect us and our planet.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 11:09 AM
Pretty good write-up of the popular party-line mythology that is toed these days. I was hoping to see some references cited in-text. Was this for a High School or College level class?

Curious: how does pollution effect the earths magnetic field? Why is it, do you think, that ionizing radiation from space brings about positive change, but ionizing radiation from nuclear waste inhibits the "healthy growth of our DNA"? Seems like two sides of the same coin. Couldn't the acceleration of technological growth be explained as a function of the lifespan of a given piece of technology? Biological evolution plods along according to the length of time between birth and reproductive viability. The feedback loop on technology, however, is much shorter.

Good job on this essay in any case. Try to remember that no one will take what you write at face value. If you include citations, it goes a long way towards increasing your credibility. Of course, you'll want to make sure that your sources are credible as well. Again, good job!

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