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Facebook under fire for stealth app installs

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 04:48 AM

According to newswire reports, the situation is compounded by the issue that the on-Facebook apps can interact with other web sessions open in other browser windows on users' PCs.

The feature that has been added is part of Facebook's new sharing features and tools, which integrates Facebook into other related news, and flash game websites such as the Washington Post and CNET

Because the apps are effectively being added to users' profiles in stealth mode, users have no way of knowing the apps have been added, meaning they cannot stop the apps from interacting with their Facebook sessions or – for that matter – other web sessions open in other browser windows, Infosecurity notes.

I wonder who have access to this malware besides Facebook..?? Certaintly a great way to get access to quite a lot of peoples computers and privacy



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