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Traders ALERT - preping for another yesterday

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 09:27 AM
I am seeing the Level II banking sector stocks, it appears - they may be going
to do it again, another dive... not as low as yesterday really bullish, lower than yesterday - well, god only knows (goldman sach's).

*update 10:54
* Pressure is abating to the downside
suspecious pricing support under banks - C for Citigroup seems to be
the issue - where the sells out number the buys but stock steady???

* update 12:01
* still seeing negative market actions having little or no effect
* stochastics are being 50\50'd - meaning really up or really down move.
* the odds are we are fixing to move - as soon as they stop holding the
banks here. notice the Level II trade bar is being held in the sell zone (on the left side is the bid side or sell signal of weakness).

I wonder where the government got approval for using our money to take our money from all this manipulation I see( someone is losing a fortune). my representative would not agree to that or would he...?
we are talking trillions of $ they printed, and now they are using unlimited funds in support of the market...? this has to be way above top secret...

*Update 13:01
* notice the rally in 3month Libor is approaching 100% area, low .25 and now stands at .428 what is that 80% rise... (over night bank to bank lending)

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 12:12 PM
*Update 13:09
early after lunch trades were all sell orders.... it is looking like we are heading lower, however, I still see price support for the banks - and if
you look at 15min. C - BAC stochastic you will see it rolling over not at
80+ but bearly 50... this is going to be very interesting to see who blinks first the traders or the markets..

*Update 13:43
Volume subsiding ... signal that usually means direction change... but they are unchanged....go figure.

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 08:13 PM
well it appears we may be looking at a BLACK MONDAY people.
this recovery has ran out of steam and that first drop was 1,000 points.
and that was what a 30 minute event. if you stretch the chart out on the weekly you will see three lower highs. and if your a trader you know what that means. I dont know how to tell people to trade 30 minute crashes. I guess you just get lucky. thats what i see massive swings as nations unload equity assets for physical assets. dollar should get strong use this time to prepare -- hyperinflation coming when the dollars start arriving at the air ports by the pallets. then we got real problems.

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