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Election results are null and void

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:47 AM
We have discrepancies because a lot of people were not able to cast their votes and with the results being so close I declare all results are null and void and legal precedence for this has already been set

if people are not able to strike/ withdraw labour because a few ballot papers got sent to the wrong address then our legal establishment disallowed the vote and made it illegal for strike action to take place.

Unless we are going to allow double standards then the same laws must be applied to the election and lets face it we all know our politicians are not only thieves but tell perpetual lies so why should we allows then privileges not available to the common people.

The reason the results won’t be deemed null and void is because the main parties all share the same bed and they only argue about who’s getting up first to make the tea the next morning and they have absolute control over the legal system who along with the media are subverting the course of justice, like up in Scotland where cases of child rape are coming out, millions know about holly greig and yet they won’t let it go to court and if you type the name ‘holly greig’ into google then the number of broken links tells just how far they are going to cover this one over.

That’s some democracy you have that’s allows election fraud, news blackouts and the rape if it’s own citizens and is being allowed to spend more on CCTV’s then it is on cancer treatment


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