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Th Giza Afterlife Machine

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:17 PM
Hello ATS,

The entire concept of the Ancient Egyptian religion revolved around the idea that the Pharaoh in death should sail throgh the Duat and into the Afterlife. The seed of such ideas generally always have a point of origin, a point where some actual historical event took place that would later become 'immortalised' and sanctified.

Could this have been the case with the Ancient Egyptian concept of the 'Afterlife'? If so, what might have been the true roots of such religious ideas?

In this article, The Giza Afterlife Machine I present a different way of considering the Ancient Egyptian 'Aftertlife' - what it perhaps came from and how ithe concept became the central pillar of AE religious thought.

You can read this essay here (PDF download 1.3 mb):

The Giza Afterlife Machine.

Thoughts welcome.


Scott Creighton


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