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Is Peter Hain really Arthur Daily ?

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 06:20 AM
As the election campaign trundles on to its nail biting conclusion I thought now was probably the time to add a bit of light relief to the proceedings .
A while ago I came to the conclusion that Peter Hain was either the original inspiration for Arthur Daily . a clone of Arthur Daily or an Arthur Daily impersonator .
See the similarity for yourself bellow

And of course Mr Hain isn't averse to a few Arthur Daily type shenanigans either

10 January 2008, noted that Hain was being accused of not reporting £100,000 in contributions. It later emerged that a large part of these funds were channeled through a non-operating think tank, the Progressive Policies Forum.[21] A separate £82,000 was reported. On 12 January, Peter Hain released a statement saying that, being busy with his government jobs, it was simply forgotten about, and said it was absurd to think any misconduct took place, and that he would pay back £25,000 of the money.

Separated at birth?
Oh and please remember ...............Its just for fun


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