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60 Hard Truths About Liberals

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posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 07:05 AM
The following scathing opinion article appeared on one of my favorite websites sometime within the previous 6 months. I couldnt find the URL but here it is in its entirity. Im not sure if its ok to post an entire article like this but Im sure Ill find out if it isnt in seconds. Very often I battle my liberal friends but have a hard time pinning down what exactly is wrong with being a "liberal" to them. This article really nails it.

60 Hard Truths about "Liberals"
For those of you who do not know, especially young people, I am compelled to inform you of the generally un-known truth that the word "Liberal" has a proud heritage and was originally a word that described men who were the political opposites of modern "Liberals."

The word "Liberal" was forcibly stolen and corrupted by evil men who intentionally perverted the use and meaning of the word. In the long forgotten past, the word "Liberal" described honorable and principled men who held to a philosophy of government that advocated Constitutional Republicanism. Constitutional Republicanism is a type of government almost unknown to most of the world. America was originally a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic defined is characterized by a very small government with limits on its powers of taxation and whose other powers are strictly limited by rigorously enforced Constitutional edicts. But modern Liberals are nothing more and nothing less than Communists, Socialists and Dictators. Modern Liberals promote, advocate and enforce the centralization of all political power into an all powerful central government. The honorable old Liberals of the 19th century must be spinning in their graves over the outrageous corruption and modern use of the word "Liberal." Following are 60 Truisms about Liberals:

At the most basic level, the Liberal is anti-God. He is an intellectually dishonest, unprincipled, mentally immature, spoiled child who is forever in search of a world without moral consequence. That is why the Liberal makes "The State" his god. The Liberal worships THE STATE. The Liberal attempts to use his god (government) to eliminate all moral consequences for immoral behaviour. In the name of "Justice," the Liberal also pretends to make his god (The State) "level" all peoples so that the wise or the beautiful or the genius will have no advantage over the unwise, the ugly and the simpleton in the marketplace. The Liberal calls this tyrannical State of Government, UTOPIA.

The Liberal vainly imagines that freedom from moral consequence can be secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state.

Liberals use moralistic platitudes and catchy phrases like "social justice" and "The Brotherhood of Man" to appeal to the naive masses who are duped into believing that the ultimate goals of Liberals are genuinely benign and beneficient. However at the root, like the Prince in Machiavelli's greatest work, the single moral principle that Liberals adhere to is the continual accumulation and centralization of all power.

The ideologies of Liberals must inevitably end in world-wide totalitarianism.

All non-sexual individual freedoms are despised by the Liberal. Why? Because those kinds of individual freedoms, (such as economic self-reliance) demand moral responsibility.

The fundamental power struggle of Liberals may be classified as the individual versus the collective. The Liberal supports the collective in every contest against the individual. The individual must be relieved of all power in favor of the collective. All power must be centralized.

Liberals hate Individualism because it demands moral responsibility. Liberals support collectivism because they hope to eliminate the need for moral responsibility.

The U.S. Constitution and specifically the support for rugged individualism which is evident in the Bill of Rights, is the enemy of the Liberal.

The Liberal despises the United States because it is the premier protector and promoter of individualism in the world.

In the mind of a Liberal, all institutions and concerns schools, environment, courts, etc. - serve no relevant purpose other than the promotion of collectivism.

In the depraved thought processes of a Liberal, abortion becomes necessary to guarantee sexual freedom and eliminate moral consequence.

The basis of traditional healthy psychology is to help individuals take personal responsibility for the choices they have made and to help them make better choices in the future. The basis of modern psychology as defined by the Liberals who are members of the self deluded, isolated and ill-educated Professorial Class living in their government financed socialist Ivory Towers, is the elimination of moral responsibility.

In order to advance their agenda, Liberals create an atmosphere of crisis and fear that is used to justify their collectivist oppression. Liberals love to go to war against other nations for it is during times of war that they are most successful in getting the most oppressive legislation passed in Congress. Check your history books and you will see that every major war America has fought in the last 100 years was started by a Liberal or a statist who philosophically supported centralized government

Any religion or religious person who believes or teaches that there are moral consequences for sin, is the enemy of Liberalism and must be oppressed.

Western nations and Western Civilization have produced more liberty and more prosperity for more people than any other culture in History. Christianity is the foundation of the culture upon which Western civilization was built. A genuinely Christian populace will reject collectivism and support individualism. A genuine Christian populace will live moral lives and thus they will support governmental policy that encourages individual, personal, moral responsibility. A genuine Christian populace will reject collectivism and cen-
tralized government. A morally debauched populace will look to the government to support them and shelter them from their bad moral choices. Thus for the collectiv-
ist Liberal bent on imposing socialism upon a nation, Christianity is the number one enemy above all other enemies. Christianity must be eliminated.

Despite decades of spectacular failure in nation after nation, the Liberal clings to his collectivist dream because it is far more than a theory of government. It is a religion.

The Liberal seeks to dominate any institution that can interfere with, weaken or destroy individual parental rights. Thus you will note that Liberals completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO's that feign concern for the welfare of children. Why? Because in order for Liberals to impose socialism upon a people, they must undermine the ability of the people to govern themselves according to God's moral law. To accomplish this they must weaken the main support of morality. Strong families are one of the greatest threats to the final goals of Liberalism. The total disintegration of the American family in recent decades among some ethnic communities has occurred as a direct result of the design and intention of Liberals. Feel the hate. Hate is good when directed at these demonic Liberals who are the avowed enemies of God, Family Values and freedom.

The Liberal applauds the imprisoning of home-schooling parents who dare to raise their children outside the control of collectivist public schools.

Private ownership of guns is the single greatest symbol of individual power, and therefore is despised by Liberals.

All individual freedoms demand the responsible behaviour of the individual, and therefore demand a moral code. Liberals despise freedom because they despise morality.

The Liberal loves Bill Clinton because of who he is, not in spite of who he is.

The Liberal despises national sovereignty. Why? Because the best protection of individual freedoms is found in small decentralized governments.

The Liberal promotes the growth of multi-national and international governments such as the European Union and the United Nations because these organizations advance the cause of socialism and seek to destroy the very individualism that is best protected by sovereign states.

The Liberal fears any hint of individualism in any part of the world, and is obsessed with the centralized control of all human activity and thought. Thus the Liberal constantly seeks total control over all forms of media. The Internet is driving Liberals crazy with fear that more people will start thinking for themselves and demand limited decentralized governments in nations around the world.

"Multi-culturalism" is the code word for a single, oppressive, collectivist culture. The root word of "culture," is the word "cult," meaning religion. Christianity is the only religion that finds a perfect balance between allowing mankind maximum liberty within the guidelines of clearly delineated moral absolutes, without the need for an oppressive State. Because a genuine Christian populace will be self governing in the matter of moral issues there is no need for an all-powerful government to police an unruly populace. The Eighth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Steal," presupposes the right of individuals to own private property. The Eighth Commandment is therefore the foundation of Western Capitalism and the engine of our prosperity. This is another reason why Liberals hate the Bible. If Liberals are successful at transforming America into a totally multi-cultural, i.e., multi-religious, non-
Christian society, we will lose our freedom.

Liberals speak often of tolerance, but they only tolerate Liberals and Liberal ideas. For instance, Liberals hate Christianity and conservative Bible believing Christians are persona non grata in any gathering of Liberals. Liberals are extremely intolerant concerning Christianity because of its insistence upon personal responsibility and moral absolutes. Liberals know that a society without moral absolutes and a society without strong emphasis upon personal responsibility will fall like a ripe apple into their greedy socialist clutches because self reliance and rugged individualism are traits that are only found amongst moral peoples who come from strong families.

The Liberal seeks to criminalize any speech that promotes morality or individualism as "hate speech." Thus we see Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts outlawing the Bible and gutting the free speech provisions of the first amendment of the constitution. Liberal Judges are now declaring that the Bible's proscriptions against homosexuality are illegal "hate speech" and scripture is now in the process of being outlawed from any appearance in public discourse or the public square. If one speaks in favor of individualism and against affirmative action in a public forum at work, Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts are now saying that such speech amounts to intimidation of minorities and is prohibited by law.

Environmentalists lie as a matter of course. Why? Because environmentalists have a false god too. Whereas the god of the Liberal is "The State," the god of the environmental extremist worships is "the creation," rather than the Creator. This warps their thinking and as a result they become anti-human. They fall into all kinds of error such as elevating the rights of animals above those of mankind. Whereas the Christian world-
view teaches men that they are to be "Good Stewards" of the earth and all it's creatures. The Christian world-view instructs men that they are to be kind to animals, but that they are not to elevate anything above the value of human life. Why? Because the Bible teaches that mankind is the crown of God's entire Creation. The Bible teaches that "Man was created in the image of God." Thus human life is profoundly sacred and highly valued far above that of any animal or wilderness or wetland (swamp). Thus genuine Christians who hold to a Biblical world-view will know that private property rights trump the claims of the EPA "nature nazi's" to regulate how a farmer may use his private property. Genuine Christians who hold to a Biblical world-view will know that these "Watermelon" Environmental Extremists have no right to tell a man how to use his own private property unless it can be proven that the owner is doing damage to his neighbors property. (PS A "Watermelon Environmentalist" is a person who is GREEN on the outside (i.e., they claim to care about the environment) but they are truthfully COMMUNIST RED on the inside (i.e., they do not really care about the environment. They are just using the moral cause of preserving the environment as a means of consolidating their power and advancing the cause of Socialism and One World Government.)

The Liberal's only method of debate is to appeal to the emotions of mis-educated and illogical persons. Liberals seek to insult and discredit anyone who dares to disagree with them, especially in the college class-
room. Why? Because the facts of logic and history do not support the agenda they are seeking to advance.

When possible, Liberals oppress anyone who questions their beliefs. Is that "Liberal?"

Liberals despise all innocence - especially the innocence of a child. Thus Hollywood Liberals seek to steal the innocence of our children as early as possible and the public schools assist them in this goal.

Liberals seek to sexualize our children, eliminate age of consent laws and promote the normalization of pedophilia, all in the pursuit of sexual freedom.

In the Liberal mind, your freedom is their oppression.

Private property and individual wealth is integral to individualism, and the enemy of the Liberal.

The Liberal hates you.

The Liberal seeks to replace a moral world-view with an emotional world-view. For instance: If you protest that it is wrong for them to steal your money (via confiscatory taxes, forcibly collected to support welfare programs) against your will and give it to persons that you do not know and do not care about, Liberals will counter your argument with an appeal to the emotions of the listeners. They will drone on about how we are the wealthiest nation in the world and surely we can afford to make sure that THE CHILDREN in the ghettos of America are afforded free dental care.

The Liberal typically chooses a career in a field that produces nothing of value. A Liberal will look for employment in field such as public education, an em-
ployee of local, county, state or federal government, an "activist," a lawyer, or a bureaucrat in a tax free foundation or an NGO devoted to advancing Liberal goals, etc. Then the Liberal will use government to extract wealth from others by force via the power to tax.

Liberal do-gooder programs enrich Liberals and do little to actually help the poor.

The Liberal despises masculinity as a symbol of individual power.

Feminists groups are about lesbianism, socialism and hatred of men, not equal rights for women.

Liberals are perfectly willing to destroy you financially, remove your children, and imprison you for what you believe. They are not open-minded and tolerant. They are viciously intolerant of any divergence from the dogma of left-wing ideology. They are perfectly willing to subject you to a Liberal version of an Inquisition and the penalties of this "modern" Inquisition are no less severe than the penalties doled out by the original inquisitors. These modern Inquisitors will use the full powers of the government, the police state powers, without hesitation, in order to enforce the decrees of their priestly class, the justices in black robes. Who are the justice's in black robes? They are the federal judges who have been highly exalted and lifted up, by Liberals, far above all other men as final arbiters of what is right and wrong, thus taking the place of God. And that is the real goal, the ultimate goal of all Liberals. They want to dis-
place and dethrone Almighty God. Liberal emulate their father the devil, in as much as they likewise, want to be god. Just as Satan promised Eve in the garden, "Ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil," so is the Liberals lust for power is driven by their desire to determine good and evil for all mankind, apart from and without respect to Almighty God.

Liberals fear technology and change - because neither can be centrally controlled.

Liberals are not obsessed with sex, but with promiscuity. Promoting promiscuity among the masses is the primary mission of the Liberals who control the Hollywood, Television and print media monopoly. Why? Because Liberals know that the twin pillars that support conservatism are family values and faith in God. By promoting promiscuity Liberals know that they are simultaneously attacking both of the main support pillars of rugged individualism. Liberals know that a man of sterling character and discipline who is a moral, God fearing family man has no need of state support in the form of welfare programs. Liberals know that such a man is a dedicated and formidable enemy of those who are determined to foist socialism upon the nations of the world.

Liberals despise the suburbs as a manifestation of individual prosperity, private property ownership, and the independent family.

Liberals say that they despise marriage and family because they are "patriarchal institutions" that 6op press women and children. But the real reason they despise marriage and family values is because these institutions oppose, disapprove and limit promiscuity thus undermining one of the principal supports for Liberalism.

Liberals are never satisfied with the current level of power they have gained over the lives of individuals. They are compelled, internally driven to control every thought and detail of human activity and they will never stop until they have condemned the entire world to live in a hellish slave camp, under the heel of a socialist bureaucratic boot otherwise known as One World Government.

Liberals seek to control public schools, and force all children into them, in order to foster promiscuity and instill collectivist ideology into the minds and hearts of our children.

Other diseases kill many millions more people, but Liberals are obsessed with Aids because it is a moral consequence of promiscuity.

Liberals are more committed than conservatives because their politics is also their religion.

Liberals are obsessed with demonstrating their putative "moral superiority." Thus even though they live their lives without really helping anyone, the political activism they engage in is dedicated to convincing themselves that they are truly good people. Liberals are driven by the need to validate the unspoken assertion that "I care more than you do," which is ironic in the extreme since none of the government programs liberals have designed can be shown to have an overall positive influence in our society.

Mark this! Whenever a Liberal expresses concern "for the children," invariably they are using and targeting children to expand their own power, promote promiscuity, advance collectivism and enlarge their personal income at the expense of the taxpayer.

Because collectivist politics is their only morality, Liberals have no problem with deceit, oppression, or violence in their pursuit of collectivism.

Liberals are elitists who exempt themselves from the oppressive rules they impose on the general population.

Liberals howl if a homosexual transvestite or convicted felon is even slightly offended, but they openly bash Christians.

Liberals dream of a return to a centralized, 1940's urban environment. They would have us all ride a bus from a small, dirty, big city apartment to an 8-5 union job as it was in the old USSR. Perhaps now you will understand why Liberals support every form of "public transportation" whether buses or subways.

Liberals believe that wealth is static. Liberals believe that anyone who makes money must be stealing it from someone else. Liberals do not understand that in a free market, wealth is created and is constantly expanding. Liberals do not understand the simple dictum that "A rising tide lifts all boats." Liberals do not understand that the free market lifts the economic conditions of all men. Liberals do not understand that it is the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of the self-made millionaire's who creates better products or a better service and thus a better life for all mankind. A rising tide does indeed, lift all boats.

Liberals claim to be against violence, but make excuses for Liberals like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro who murder and torture political dissidents. Liberals claim to be against violence, but they seek to disarm individuals and render them powerless before the thugs, thieves and murderer's who rule the inner cities. Liberals claim to be against violence, but they are liars. Liberals only oppose violence when it fits their agenda, but they are perfectly willing to use violence to advance their agenda.

Liberals have enormous compassion for criminal predators, but little for the victims.

In the Liberal world, all problems stem from individualism, and all solutions are collective.

Liberals believe that passing religious values to children is a form of child abuse.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 11:24 AM
Wow, what a skewed and extremist viewpoint.

While I do not think things so black and white, there is some element of truth to a few of these.

The human heart is the corrupt entity in society, not a political stance.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 12:08 PM
Well my umm very Republican friend,

Mon Du That is skewed!

But instead of responding in kind with attacks against the Right, let me instead take a very liberal viewpoint and take the high road, as American Democrats have been since Watergate. I shalt refrain from attacking as there has been enough of that already here, instead please take for considderation some of the good men who have been liberals:

Abraham Lincion: United the United States and ended slavery

FDR: ended the depression and saved the world

JFK: began several positive government programs, challenged humanity to the moon, and saved the world by ending the Cuban Crisis

RFK: aid to JFK and negotiated the end of the Cuban Crisis

Jimmy Carter: worked for diplomacy and global unity as president, continues humanitarian work after.

Bill Clinton: created the best economy in American history, allied with Russia, and stopped a genocidal dictator in Serbia (who we captured and brought before the UN)

There have been many many more great Liberals, not just American presidents, Great Britan has had many Liberals that have done amazing things as have France, Germany, the rest of Europe, China and Japan.

This is also in no way a slight against conservatives, they have also done some good for the world.

may peace travel with you

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:02 PM

That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.

.......and cheaply we use them; all so often to hide the lies of the message we wish to send to further our own ends and steal the minds of others.

How sad.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:26 PM
Astral, your arguement is pretty weak.

I could give similar examples of some of the most evil people to walk the earth. Hitler did great things for Germans and Germany....blah blah you know where Im going with that.

Also the very definition of a Democrat (and Liberal) has changed 180% since the days of Abraham Lincoln. But that again is not my point.

gmcnulty, you lost me.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:30 PM
Actually ScoFe, gmcnulty didn't lose you...think about it, he is only saying what most have been saying about his skewed reportings and articles.


posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by KrazyJethro

The human heart is the corrupt entity in society, not a political stance.

Politics, it's meaninglesness only dwarfed in comparison to it's corruption, could never be seen as more vital than the human dissolves in this materialistic society for many, obviously.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:58 PM
Quite understandable a state for someone of your mental acuity…………

I posted a “List of 25 Requirements to be Republican” a tongue in cheek presentation of some of the positional anomalies of Republicanism today…………..

This presentation is far from being ‘well meaning’ and without merit or humor.

What is posted here as “HARD TRUTH” is nothing more then unsupportable slanders perpetrated on society by the conservatives now for the past 60 years……most of these same points can be found in the literature of the John Birch Society and other wacko zealot anti-communists of the Sen. Joe McCarthy era.

Unfortunately, the lackadaisical liberals found the charges so bizarre and illogical they never met them head on and in doing so allowed liberalism to be defined as so in the eyes of Americans. So today the word ‘liberal’ is no longer a description of political philosophy but an accusation of something almost criminal and un-American.

Now those who tell the BIG LIES now want to equate Liberal = Democrat; Democrat = Liberal……………so you end up with: Liberal = Democrat = Un-American.

This called slander. Slander is to lie. Liars are not good; Liars are bad.

Not one of the 60 assertions is supportable in reality. So I will not even engage you on even ONE of this slander list – a pointless exercise in the practice of insanity.

Do you understand now? Or shall I draw pictures?

If you still think these point bear any basis in reality I must only conclude you thought is of a nincompoop.

NB - This is not a personal attack – observation of nincompoop – As defined the word means: One deficient in judgment and good sense………….. And that’s supportable by the facts.

Belief in what's offered by the author is most indicitive of a captive mind or propagandist.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:01 PM
Seekerof, the article is an opinion article so it doesnt necessarily have to have any facts at all. But it does happen to have plenty.

Sure there are lots of people writing lots of skewed things but your opinion of skewed and mine are probably different.

For instance any english that exits Senator Ted Kennedy's mouth would definately fit into the skewed catagory.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:04 PM
Strange... conservatives talk about how skewed reporting is liberally. Yet they forget there is reporting skewed towards the conservatives as well.

Get over it, all of you. When it comes to politics, it's all about belief. Not whether you're correct or incorrect.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by ScoFe
Seekerof, the article is an opinion article so it doesnt necessarily have to have any facts at all.

....and such articles are called fantasy..........

fan·ta·sy (făn'tə-sē, -zē

n., pl. -sies.

1. The creative imagination; unrestrained fancy. See synonyms at imagination.
2. Something, such as an invention, that is a creation of the fancy.
3. A capricious or fantastic idea; a conceit.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:10 PM

as quoted by gmcnulty
This called slander. Slander is to lie. Liars are not good; Liars are bad.

I find it quite hilarious that you find this as slander and lies, seriously.
Its apparant that if this was anything that you decry that it is, that indeed slander suit(s) would be filed?

Old wives sayings that if you can handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen, gmcnulty? Also, your comments seem to read as one who feels that its ok to dish out the so-called crap and yet not be able to take it when thusly given back in like?

IMHO, whether you, it, or they want to decry this as 'slander' or 'lies', it obviously must have some merit for you and others to even bother to contradict it...seems that was once said to me when I responded to a like diatribe given against Republicans, etc.....interesting....was that you that said thus to me?


For instance any english that exits Senator Ted Kennedy's mouth would definately fit into the skewed catagory.

No ScoFe, I think the meaning of 'skew' is pretty much the same for both of us...I wholeheartedly agree with what you said above.


[edit on 6-6-2004 by Seekerof]

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:18 PM
Mr McNulty,

Your huge brain is scaring me away from my keyboard! Please limit all your words to 2 syllables or less so the rest of us Earthlings can comprehend your future posts.

Whats posted there isnt posted as indisputable fact, its posted as one guys opinion and he seems to think that theyre all facts. I happen to think that only most of them are facts.

This part cracks me up:

Not one of the 60 assertions is supportable in reality. So I will not even engage you on even ONE of this slander list – a pointless exercise in the practice of insanity.

Well based on my own experience with most of my friends (who are all rabid liberals) almost unconditionally these are all fact. Maybe the liberals you know arent like my friends.

And if you wont engage me on any on the list, then maybe humanity would be better served if you would put your considerable intellect to use here :

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:30 PM
I'm so pleased you find humor in my post. File a law suit? Might I remind you that the English language is composed of many words with more then 1 meaning! It can be SOOOOOOOOO confusing for those not well versed in the language and meaning is at times obscured. Reading skill level also contributes to lack of clarity in the mind of the reader. For your edification:
slan•der (slãn'dər)
1. (Law) Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation.
2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.
v., -dered, -der•ing, -ders.
To utter a slander about. See synonyms at malign.
To utter or spread slander.

Your avoidance of the issue presented with the useless and somewhat hackneyed poorly crafted Aphorism is so typical of your style when confronted so.

I suggest you heed Mark Twain's advice; "It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Again, so good to see you.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:36 PM
Avoidance my arse gmcnulty....typical liberal response!
Besides, no need to greet me now, since I have made two preceeding posts!

Tell you what Mr. gmcnulty, since you seem to think you have an open and shut case on what 'slander' is, in relation to this article, find the author of this opinion article and file a slander suit, k? Till then, grab a tissue or read more Mark Twain, cause your crying and whining over this is growing weary.

Hey....thats highly suggested also.

BTW, which one of those 60 do you fit into?


posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:44 PM
Be frightened not dear friend. As the Good Book says “the truth will set you free”.
Unfortunately, usually between the receiving the ‘truth’ and the ‘freedom’ it so richly will be bestowed on those with the “ears to hear” there is a very long period of being ‘PISSED OFF’.

Your reaction is quite normal.

As for you suggesting me using 2-syllable only, I must question what priority you place on personal growth and learning? And further more many of those other “mere earthling’ might find your remark offensive. Suggesting such a grossly base level of language skills as standard might find strenuous objection.

As for your argument in support of some of the items as being true………….I would refer you back to your Logic 101 book for your review and edification.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 04:50 PM
So is that the best you can do?

No challenge of anything posted out of those 60 "facts"?


posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 05:05 PM
Mark Twain was correct…………….Which brings to mind another associated idea, and to quote Thomas Brackett Reed: "They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge."

Avoidance! Yes, avoidance……. As in, “The act of shunning or avoiding” the subject of the post you responded to……..Not “a typical liberal response” but a statement of fact. (I must thank you for such a fine example of the point I made in my post……..that is the use of the word “liberal” as an accusation, slander, etc.) And if I could as an indirect ad hominem ………..a rather passive-aggressive venting of emotions and at times an indication of pathology.
Your distress is evident. Worry not, I neither whine nor cry. And I would suggest such an observation on your part is one of transference then reality.
And in answer to your final question, what one of the 60 fit me? NONE.
As I would suggest further, few of any fit into those 60 idiotic assertions; and further I might add, I am a conservative.
I’m off to din-din with the wife at the club, so I bid you all ‘au revoir’, adieu.
‘Till later, dear friends.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 05:11 PM
Someone who just got an A$$whoopin' and doesn't know it.

Off to the club.....................

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 06:05 PM
And who got their "A$$whoopin'", hmm gmcnulty?
You giving or getting?
If you need directions, u2u me, k?


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