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The conspiracy of medicine.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 08:33 PM
This is my view on natural cures and modern medicine.

Now this applies to all people in the western world. Lay off the sugar, oil and salt! And jog we've got enough room to!

Note:i got this info from earl mindell's the food medicine bible. And other sources.

It starts like this, last year i suffered the worst sore throats of my life. I had consistently tried medicines such as; cough syrups, lozengers, lemsips and so called "herbal tea's" to no avail. My mother recommended ginger tea to me, not the packet type but actual ginger boiled in hot water. After one day, you know that flu i was suffering with ? Gone completly! Now this begged the question, why didn't the medicines work ? I decided to investigate the ingredients in one of the bottles it said it contained ethanol! This is of my opinion but i believe that exercise, fruits and vegetables may be able to cure "modern diseases" there's preventable diseases now like diabetes and heart attacks, if we are willing to make a huge lifestyle change in my opinion. But then i thought one word "money" it became clear to me, the reason the big pharmacies won't openly say "there's no need to drink beechams because ginger is by far more effective" is the money they can make off our illnesses. Imagine this ,one person coughs on a train without covering their mouth, thats enough for everybody around him to develop his sickness! Add the total cost for one person (£2.00 for say cough syrup, 40-80p for cough sweets, and £2.00-£4.00 for lemsip a rough estimate for all the above is around £7.00 thats alot for things that only "soothe" a common flu not get rid or prevent it don't you think ?) now times that by the average amount of people on trains and it equals alot of money!
My question to everybody "would you put down the cough mixture and try ginger ?" and "should we trust the doctor's opinion on all things medicine or put our faith in fruits and veg ?"
What have we got to lose ? If we put our trust in exercising, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, giving up msg laced products and takeaway's and learning to not eat in excess. That could surely önly benefit us in the long term, and aren't you sick of being sick ?

Final thought:
Would this work ? Science studying extensively on the true benefits of vegetables and fruits. And properly educating children to the benefits of being healthy. I look forward to everybody's response!

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 09:33 PM
I just got over gout, and the pain was enough for me to extremely change diet, and sadly no more beer...talking about three years of gout that kicked in every winter. Unbelievable suffering! Pain is a powerful motivator. Nothing else like it.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 09:43 PM
I believe in herb.

Theres no other plant with as many uses, and positive uses as maryjane. Over 35000 textile uses and was a major cash crop for our govt before they said no more.

Theres also another fun fact... What was the U.S.'s first weed law...

Ill give it away... It was in JamesTown back during our settlement days... It was if you owned land, you had to grow marijuana.

Now, how is a plant, thats grown from a seed to a tree and flower illegal or dangerous?

Its not.

All of our founding documents were penned on these substance and it was in half of all medicine before 1950.

We criminalize nature now... But why?

Sorry, rant over.
I think weed cure most, if not all with enough time and right dose.

Everyting the body needs is provided for in nature.

Weed I think is the natural version of the Fountain of Youth...

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