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is 8march 2003 a movie?

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posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 01:06 PM

If they have to advertise another hackneyed disaster / near disaster movie like this then its not worth watching.

Just another run of the mill factory produced, production line suspence movie with stamped out charactors and a piss thin plot.

You see them all the time, they are designed to make money for the film studio and give work to the actors. Their one line ideas involve aliens attack, comets attack, volcanos attack, terrorist attack, earthquakes attack. etc etc et-boring-c

I predict we will see...

One macho white male hero with insecurities (post New age guy) but smart and rugged
One love interest (female) with ample bosom and ever decreasing clothing who is dragged around as a lovable liability. Usually smart to compensate is she is not pretty enough.
One black actor, playing second fiddle to the main person, usually provides the muscle, but generally just stays out of the way.
Several incidental charactors who's personalities are never develped enough (hell neither are the main ones anyway) so you know that they will die in the movie. Usually ugly and stupid

Along the way things will get destroyed, buildings will burn, cars will crash dramatically.
Guns will get involved and there will be a shootout scene with bad guys unable to hit the side of a barn whilst heros kill 4 with one shot, one incidental charactor will die in each battle.

Generally the hero will be the only one who knows what is happening and will go agaisnt his superiors whom we all know are stupid, the army will be in the final scene to save the day.

Oh don't forget an american flag somewhere especially post 9/11, to which some nationalistic uttering will be made to reinforce the internal socialization process that America is great and to tell the rest of the world that they are infact only second rate countries. Someone gets all tearly eyed over it.

There will be suitable product placement as well. (see below as well)

I suspect most american movies to be funded by the military or they just have these props lying around or they run out of ideas and use the stock "send in the cavely" ending. Of course this happens AFTER the hero has succeeded in solving / saving / winning.

Originally posted by quaneeri
This film is being released on the 8th.


Credit: cassini

posted on Mar, 6 2003 @ 01:45 PM
The website's too amateurish for a movie.

It's not in the IMDB ( -- movies get put in the database even as they're being shot.)

The concept is too amateurish and too badly developed.

My bet is that it's a hoaxer who thought he'd make a big splash with some faked photos on that date and then got scared off after he posed a "have you seen this site?" message on several boards and a buncha people peered at his poorly designed website and photos and said "Hoax, man! Real hoax."

Then he started to try and pass it off as a game or novel, if you'll remember. Now it's a fictional diary.

It's "a bust." Complete bomb.

Heck, you and Wiliam and I could make a more convincing hoax with our hands tied behind our backs!


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