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My personal overview to date

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 08:22 AM
During my time embeded in the material world I was well brainwashed. As a contractor I operated in an awful manner- exploiting contract loop holes to stich up clients, architects and other companies to maximise profits-being economic with the truth-breaking specifications. All pretty bad stuff that I am not proud of.

During an OBE 30yrs ago I was told I would have an illness that would change my outlook on life. Well this happened 2yrs ago. I had a lot of time on my hands and my first discovery was Edge Media TV. This led to the Camelot Project, Alex Jones,David Icke, Bob Dean, John Lears etc-Then ATS last week- what a change I am now a full blown conspiracy theorest seeking the truth whilst trying to improve myself. This was meant to be.

My beliefs have now arrived at this point :-

911: A most definate set-up job

NWO : Yes definately. Too much information about - Bilderburgers, Bush, Slowly creeping current events-Press obviously suppressed. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.

Aliens: 99.9999999% convinced. When you listen to obviously very intelligent people or agency whistle blowers, Richard D. Hall, Bob Dean, John Lear - reports of abductions-crop circles etc-"the truth is out there" The thing the worries me is any motives any ETs may have. In the past the thing that gave me doubt was vast distances involved and the limiting speed of light. But now I understand that our Knowledge of advanced tech is lacking big style and accept the possibility of instantaneous travel through time, space and dimensions, yes its pretty well a closed book. A close mate of mine has seen and filmed 3 UFOs how can I doubt him?

Organised religion: I've now thrown this one out. Its just a ancient business model expoiltiing the fears and doubts of uneducated,oppressed people (look we know your life is crap now but if you follow us and give us your money you to go to our heaven, if you dont you'll go to a real nasty, scary burning place) poor people didn't stand a chance. The thing that makes my blood boil is the indocrination of young innocents by any faith. Nostradarmus mentioned the fall of the RC church would herald a lot of stuff- Look whats happening with all the peido priests.
If I was an omnipotent god I wouldn't want to be worshipped by a load of sick monkeys.
I dont want dominium over all animals on this planet. I want to be amazed and in awe of all life.

David Icke: I have quite a few problems with David but I cant deny he has got a awful lot of people thinking which is a good thing. His statements on reptilians could be close to the mark. If you have any doubts you must not nail your flag to the mast of a false profit ( sorry Freudian slip) I mean't prophet.

2012 : I'm still to be convinced. I was interested to learn that the Mayans thought in circles not in a straight line like modern society. The calender is a description of a cycle slowly breathing in and out

Nibiru: Pretty well convinced this is not true. Its well understood that the poles have flipped in the past. So if Nibiru is true HOLD TIGHT !

Global warming: Yes its happening but is it a natural cycle?

One thing I do know is somethings got to change. We must not allow the continuing rape of our planet for short-term financial gain, the destruction of natural habitats causing mass extinction. We must all get the message out to make people aware there is a choice and material goods dont make you happy, you are just told they do. We must all adopt non-violent protest. We must speak out against our so called democracies that are really elected dictatorships where you have freedom of speach as long as nobody listens to you. We must all have freedom of speech and action as long as we live in peace and cause no harm to others.

What a discovery ATS has been, another thing at the right time

One thing to remember: If this universe is infinate anything is possible.

I could go on for pages but I've used up my 4000 character quota


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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 08:53 AM
I pretty much agree with all that you said. I don't think there is going to be any chance of changing the system, the best thing to do is STOP participating in it as much as possible. For me it seems to be a waiting game now, watching the old dinosaur of a system collapse. I am getting back as close to nature as I can. Plant seeds, it's not to late.

Nibiru: Pretty well convinced this is not true. Its well understood that the poles have flipped in the past. So if Nibiru is true HOLD TIGHT !

I believe that our sun does have a companion star, most stars do have one, some have three or four, so it is not unusual for this to be true. It would explain why the earth goes through cyclical cataclysms.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by warisover

Thanks for your reply. Its nice to Know we may be on the right track
The more we all comunicate the faster we will get there.


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