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Imagination after death

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 04:46 PM
Do you think it is possible that God could make a place for us or may have created a place for us to dive into our imagination and travel what ever we imagine after death? Do you think God with all his power, until we are ready or just let us show our trueselves/wonder through the imagination and wonder of what could happen in the eyes of our individuel imagination? Maybe through some sort of relativity imagination reality so we could see the Universe he created and stuff?

Now matter how much you imagine there will always be a God so, idk maybe if you are able to whatever you want for long enough maybe a trueself could be found and then maybe talk to God due to his infinteness... Then what would happen after that... I think to much about this.

They say God lives outside of time so no matter what he will always be on top so, maybe he makes the Universe around people individuely, a gift for each of us to infinity.

I say this because I always asked to many questions growing up causeing doubt in a finding of faith but now I kinda get it!!!

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