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Utah website targeted by hackers ties to immigration debate

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:19 AM

SALT LAKE CITY -- In the tense political climate crated by a tough immigration law recently passed in Arizona, does owning a business aimed at the Hispanic population make you a target for political backlash? The owners of a Utah-based magazine say yes, and they think this is only the beginning.

"This morning when I got up, I was having a hard time getting into the back end of the website," Tareq Butler said.

As the publisher, and editor and chief Avances magazine, Butler often updates content throughout the day, but he knew the moment he tried to log in something was wrong. Then he got a call from one of his employees, who had some bad news: the website had been hacked.

Instead of finding the regular homepage, visitors saw what Butler describes as "kind of a dripping blood-type thing."

"It looked like a very, very angry hack, as if they were trying to intimidate," Butler said.

The message shows the Albanian flag; Butler says he has no idea what it means. The hackers also changed the password, but the meaning of that, Butler says, was hard to miss.

"It was changed to ‘H8 Mexicans;' kind of an acronym for hate," Butler said.

Butler says Avances is the largest Hispanic magazine in the state, and lately their audience has more than doubled. He says their frequent coverage of Arizona's new immigration bill has been creating a lot of buzz on the site.

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Wow, someone must have gotten a little frustrated with the situation and laws in debate recently. The plot thickens....

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 01:12 PM
Possible False Flag to get big boost in sympathy traffic ?

He claims his website was how did he know exactly what the hackers changed the password to ?

He traced the website hack to Washington state and claims this was also responsible for attacking other similar sites. Ok How does he know this ?

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