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Would the Anti Christ look like this lad???

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:10 AM
Would the Anti Christ look like this lad???

Rastko Pocesta, a 12-year-old boy in Serbia is under police protection and has become an unlikely symbol of the struggle between the liberal, pro-western minority and the Serbian nationalists, who still have strong anti-American feelings after NATO bombings during the late 1990's.

Link here!

Now don’t get me wrong here I am not suggesting that this young lad is the Anti Christ

However it is thought that Christ was born a few years BC so being twelve now could it have been 2BC and not 4BC. That would put this boy in the frame for being born 2000 years latter.

The story of this boy reminds me of the early life of Christ.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:46 AM
I'm not following your reasoning at all.

Firstly because this boys life sounds nothing like the story of Jesus.
And secondly because the entire source book is a work of wildly imaginative fiction.

Sounds like this poor little lad has enough on his plate without people insinuating he is the devil incarnate.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by MAC269

I find little kids generally creepy and unsettling, just the prospect of an evil or demonic kid is enough to give me the willies. There's probably some deep psychology at work that makes us find kids so eerie at times. Anyway, this kid may look creepy but that doesn't make him the anti-Christ. Not sure what to think of the story attached to him, though apparently its all over the web... get this though, the kid apparently has a Wikipedia membership:

Rastko Pocesta, intellectual, political scientist, human, political, civil and minority rights activist. Supports green politics and animal welfare. Social democrat and social liberal. Respects work of Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse and is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Rastko often replies "Any kind of further discussion with the user is completely pointless", to any potentially violent advice giver.


I don't really believe in an anti-Christ because in order to do so I would have to believe Jesus was actually supernatural without any evidence. However I think someone's behavior can be very un-Christ-like or anti-Christ in a non-supernatural sense but from the looks of this kid he's an activist not a mass murderer and hardly an anti-Christ.

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:54 AM
Just looked at the picture
The Anti-christ is supposed to have only one eye

Also if his life has similarities with Jesus he's more likely to be the next messiah rather than the anti-christ - but i dont see any similarities with Jesus


posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by MAC269

Here is a better link to the story.

I don't see how this kid reminds you of the AntiChrist.
Does the antichrist have to be pro America?

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:06 AM
It is sad that this boy won't have a real childhood indeed, I know how it feels like.

Kids are so easy to influence and shape at that age, I wonder if he will keep believing in what he says.

And for being the anti-Christ? As Gools would say it; Pfffffft

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:47 AM

Anyone else think this kid looks a little creepy?
Like Antichrist creepy? lmao I kid of course but he'd be my number one pick for the Antichrist... assuming I even believed that crap.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:29 AM
I don't believe in the anti-christ. Some people need to burn their Omen DVDs. I believe that he has been pushed into or allowed to have a bit too much political discussion. He should be protected and has now become a lightening rod for adult wrath.

I hope he is good at school and keeps up with Homework!!

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 09:30 AM
Wait!!!! did you just say 12 years old?

There is a prophecy in the 1800 called lasalette saying this.

" at the age of 12 they will gain notice "

" soon they will each lead armies assisted by the legions of hel "

Go on youtube. type in

" htoo twins "

watch the video about them. I thought it was them this whole time. It still could be.

But it says they will meaning antichrist will gain notice at age 12.


posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by SmokeytheHair

He looks like a future Daily Show or Colbert Report correspondent.

Actually, he looks like a younger John Hodgman.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Derised Emanresu

Dear Derised Emanresu

From Derised Emanresu “Does the antichrist have to be pro America?”

Well now I had not thought of that but perhaps that is along the lines that you are thinking.

From the time of the Birth of Jesus you here nothing in the gospels until the age of twelve when he goes missing for three days. Eventually Joseph finds him in intellectual conversation with the high priests of the synagogue.

Please do remember the idea of the thread was if the Anti Christ were to appear would he resemble a story like this young boy. I am not suggesting that this is the Anti Christ.

However if this should turn out to be the one remember where you first heard it.

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