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Apotheosis of the Human

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Quite possibly one of the greatest "conspiracies" ever fabricated is the concealment of the potential of YOU.

I place the word in quotations because it is really not a conspiracy, it is a fact.

To understand, we must understand what apotheosis. It means: to be made divine

That's right, each and every one of us has the potential to become like God, the creator, and it has been hidden right in front of our faces the whole time.

This has been hidden for thousands of years, in ancient texts, and only the illuminated ones, AKA "The Illuminati", understand.

The Bible, is written in the language of branches. Words like: Nations, Lord, Israel, are metaphors to explain the spiritual realm. All of this originates from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, which predates religion.

Your subtle energy body, is known as the KA by ancient Egyptians and called the etheric body.

The higher aspect of yourself, dimensionally speaking, was known as the BA by the ancient Egyptians. The BA resides in a place of consciousness that is outside time and space, as you construct it.

Kabbalah speaks about the fulfillment of different levels of desire. First we have the basics: sex, food, shelter. Once this desire is filled, we want money. But then we realize that we want more than money, so we turn to power. Once we realize that we aren't satisfied with power, we desire knowledge. Then there comes a point in life where you aren't satisfied with anything from this physical world. Big questions start to arise: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Now the desire for spirituality rages within, and kabbalah comes into play.

The main purpuse of Kabbalah is to become one with the creative force. The same force that fulfilled the desire for sex, money, power, and knowledge WILL fulfill the need for spirituality if the individual TRULY desires it. And we do this by fixing OUR OWN SELVES. This is very important, because the creative force wants nothing more than to fulfill your desires. Always. All the time. Ever heard the expression: If God is always good, why are there evil things in the world? A true kabbalist fixes HIMSELF so that everything in the world is perfect. He sees all evil as necessary and all problems as opportunities. So the problem is not that God is vindictive and evil. He is good all the time. The problems lies within each one of us. We have to increase our consciousness, or awareness, to that of God.

Yep, this is nothing more than Luciferianism. Those who have seen the light, the illuminati. And there is nothing wrong, or right about it. An illuminated individual understands that Evil is necessary, and a must. Without it, there would only be good. And a world of only good would not be anything, because we would not be able to perceive its opposite, and realize that good is in fact good. In Kabbalah, this is the revelation of evil.

The the following example: A hurricane destroys millions of homes and kills thousands of people. To the unilluminated mind, this is tragic. But a Kabbalist will see the TRUE intention of the creative force. A kabbalist knows that to the owner of a construction company, that is the BEST thing that has ever happened to him.

Or this example: Many say that money is bad and we need to get rid of it. A kabbalist will say, money gives people freedom. There is nothing wrong with freedom.

Many of you passionately HATE the Illuminati. You hate them because of all the evil they have brought to this world. But have they REALLY done anything? All they have done is provided us with a choice. We can either be sheep, or be the shepherd. We ALL know what to do. The choice is ours. Well, when you REALLY think about it, the choice is mine. Who you are is up to me, not you.

As the individual begins to develop a 6th sense, one that can FEEL the creator, they begin to climb up the ladder of spiritual ascension. Slowly, they start to understand God and DESIRE to be like him. It is important to note that this desire far surpasses any of the previous desires of sex, money, power, and knowledge. Once this desire for God is fulfilled, apotheosis is complete, the second revelation. All desires within this realm of existence is possible.

Next time you watch TV or go out to dinner, keep an eye out. The whole world is telling YOU that it's time to wake up from this form of existence. Every time you see a sun, it refers to the sun WITHIN. The sun that brings the light to the world. YOU.

It is important to note the concept of "As above, so below". That which is in the spiritual realm, will be in the physical realm. Meaning, how you perceive the world will be exactly how it will be. Take a close look at burger King's logo.

So to Recap:
Everyone can reach apotheosis; to be made divine.
We can reach it by developing a 6th sense.
To develop the 6th sense, we must correct our perception. (as above, so below)
Whenever a situation arises that appears negative, find the positive in it.
The whole world is waiting for YOU (me) to wake up.

Want to see dramatic changes in your life?
Instead of thinking: Money blows. Why do we need it? I wish I had more.
Think: Money gives me freedom.

It's that easy.

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 04:21 PM
Good read...I agree wid most of what u said

but ..what abt the burger kings logo..whats so special abt it?

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:54 PM
This does give me more insight into Kabbalah so thank you for that. It also however highlights many of the problems with the ancient practice.

Firstly equating desire as some all consuming good force we should lay down before. I do not desire to bust my ass for 30 minutes on the stairclimber, I do it though because I know I should to stay healthy. Desire is mostly animal instinct which is not distinctly spiritual. The Egyptians understood this it is part of the symbolic reason for the animal heads. In many ways desire must be overcome to attain true peace.

The ever maddening drive for perfection is a uniquely human trait. Yes many of us hate the,Illuminati because what they provide is THE ILLUSION of choice. Yes be sheep or be Shepard but be Shepard to what. Be a Shepard to destroying lives and controlling resources for their own selfish fulfilliment under the guise of bringing light when in its leading there souls into darkness. I'll be that wolf in sheep's clothing waiting for the moment to fly at the Shepard's neck.

Kabbalah at many points walks a slipery slope along with Scientology, Satanism, luciferianism in there "Do what you must doctrine"

It soon becomes a justification at first for horrible disasters as you describe, and later more personally, for unethical and immoral behavior. Eventually students are subject to all kinds of filth and lies where anything is justified because your desire says so.

I know right from wrong this is a dualistic world, on one hand you say luciferians provide a choice on the other you say there is no good and bad. Wallah THE ILLUSION. They illuminate nothing just justify evil means.

The whole aspiring to be God thing is nice but in reality. You cannot be the Creator, the Creator created you, you cannot create him nor others like him therefore by logic you cannot be God. Yes I agree we are all given God like abilities that we can access such as a 6th sense. But no ritual even the extravagant ego building ones in kabbalah can even give you a glimpse into the vastness of the concept that is God, much less any true powers bearing any resembalance to the creators.

Of course in Kabbalah God is neither KA nor BA.

God is neither physical or spiritual. Now explain to me since we are both, how we can be God.

Its a road of contradiction and illusion that's what the luciferians illuminatists and kabbalahists follow. It goes back to the garden and the you shall be as Gods. You are given no choice. You desire to do it, yet the statement is a lie and you'll give up all your power wealth heart morality and anything good to make it happen.

Newsflash the Creator gave us certain abilities which were always supposed to be manifested. We need no help from false lightbearers to make that happen, it has always been our legacy. So no you will not be diverting my energy as countless many have been to these entities (soul collective, etc.) , and I will be falling for neither your trap (mystery schools) nor theirs (religon). Now hows that for duality. This is my last ride here so I will be enjoying myself my true self.

[edit on 26-4-2010 by ISHAMAGI]

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