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A Day In The Life Of ROTJ6

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:50 AM
*NOTE: The following short story is a Satire, and bears no resemblance to real-life people or events.

ROTJ6 walks in the door

wife: Oh hi honey! How was your Torture today?

ROTJ6: Oh God, it was terrible. Worse than usual. They really provoked and taunted and humiliated me today, much worse than usual. I could just commit suicide right here and now.

wife: NOOOO, baby! Don't! I love you SO much!

ROTJ6: Yeah, you're right. What was I thinking? Being Tortured by the government and gangsters every day really really sucks, worse than anything imaginable, but I love you and I can't leave you!

wife: That's it dear. Look, I cooked dinner for you!

ROTJ6: Mmmm, looks delicious honey! You're the best! This could help me take my mind off the Torture for a few minutes. Did I mention I hate and revile and despise my Torturers and I feel like hunting them down and killing them one by one?

wife: NOOOOO! Baby! Don't talk like that, they'll lock you away forever! I couldn't bear it!

ROTJ6: Yeah..... yeah...... you're right honey, you're right. That wouldn't solve anything. I guess I should try to be like Jesus or something and learn to Love and Forgive my Torturers.

wife: Yes that's right baby! We should all try to be like Jesus, he was the light of the world!

ROTJ6: He sure was honey. He sure was.

wife: Look, I'm naked!

ROTJ6: Ahhhh! The sight of your beautiful nude body sure helps to take my mind off of being Tortured every day by the government and gangsters. I love it!

wife: I know!! Wanna go play video games and hit Level 10 with me and my friends?

ROTJ6: Honey, that would be awesome! That would almost completely relieve the terrible agony of the Torture. For a day or so.

wife: Yay! Wanna make a baby now?

ROTJ6: Oh, honey! You really mean it? Could he help try to save the world too?

wife: He sure could! He would be a very very special little boy!

ROTJ6: Yeah, he definitely would. But I'm afraid the government and the gangsters would Torture him too. I...... I don't think I could bear to see him go through what I go through every day honey. It's too much.

wife: Oh come on. Pleeeeease? Babies are really cuuute....

ROTJ6: You're right! Ah heck, let's make Three! Why not? We can afford it now.....

The preceding short story was a Satire, and bears no resemblance to actual people or events.

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