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Are we entering another Dark Age?

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 12:20 AM
I have been thinking recently about the current problems our financial system, social system, and how the governments have teamed up with corporations to screw us. Something came to my mind, the dark ages. I am not talking about another period in time where the Catholic Church is going to reign over us and control our governments; we have a replacement for them, corporations. Most of us would agree that we do have democracy, even though it is rigged, and we still maintain many rights. But how long until they are finally chipped away from us, the corporations solidify their power and we enter a global depression?

Our financial system is currently in ruins, and without reforming the entire global economy we will just collapse. What will happen is many corporations and big banks will fail; it will be like economic Darwinism of corporations, along with some corporations so will small businesses. The few corporations left will become mega corporations and will control our entire global economy. They will have the power, resources, and money to control entire governments. They will establish their own politicians that they allow us to vote on and they will serve their corporate interests.

To guarantee that this can happen they will stage several devastating false flags that will allow them to pass legislation in not only the USA but all liberal democracies to block information, silence opposition, imprison ‘dissidents’, and monitor us at all times. They will wage many small wars on already weakened nations to assert their will, grab up more resources and establish their own governments. They will suppress us and we will be forced to obey the corporations which will use the government as the puppet just like the Catholic Church did during the dark ages.

We will see plagues that will erupt across the world from the mismanagement of treatments over the last century combined with bio engineered diseases that might be used as a false flag operation. It will probably resemble the black plague and last for centuries as corporations force vaccinations that will only make us sicker and they will suppress any cure or research for a cure to their new diseases. Famine will spread as the weather becomes erratic killing people all across the world which will help to spread more diseases.

I am not sure how they will treat religion but just viewing how they are treating it now I would say that they will favor religion, but they will cause intentional clashes between Christians-Jews and Muslims. The religion they will force upon people will be fake, they will alter religion in traditional sense and turn it into their own force for control and manipulation. They will probably oppose evolution and Atheism/Agnosticism and use their fooled religious followers to persecute the non-religious.

Their policies will resemble Libertarian policies on everything except government providing non-stop help and protection for corporations. They will also force the serious scroll back of civil liberties and. They will presumably support a militarily foreign policy.

Just like how the dark ages began so will our new dark age, the US will not collapse but our empire will. Our economy will become very depressed and we will enter a period where power and influence will be more spread out among nations. Formerly powerful and wealthy nations will begin to fall into social and political chaos as wars between developing countries spread to all continents.

I am not saying this is 100% fact because it is just my opinion, but I think it has a lot of weight behind it. What do you think?

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 12:54 AM
I personally believe that we've never left the Dark Ages.


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