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life on an alien planet

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 08:20 PM
How might life be like on another planet? How different would it be, on some other planets? Is how we live on earth, normal? Or could there be a better way?

Here are some ideas:

Some aliens living on some other planets might live simply, in small houses no bigger than their needs absolutely require. they might be built of natural building materials that were safe and free from harmful chemicals - such as stone, or wood or mud. they might be domed-shaped as domes are particularly strong structures and useful.

they might know a lot about the importance of nature and forests to the planet's stability and health and the health of plants, humans and watersources. So they would ensure that if they did take timber they would only harvest the 'interest' of the forest and not the 'capital'. i.e. they would never clear-fell a forest.. as they would know this would interrupt, corrupt and destroy the riversystems and water courses that they depended on and that all life depended on for health.

they might appear - to us - to live very simple lives.

inorder to ensure they didnt overburden their planet and disrupt the natural balance and environment with their needs, they might limit their population to a certain sustainable number and ensure that each and every child was raised with utmost care and respect and input from community.

they would also respect nature, and their fellow creatures inhabiting the planet. including plants. they would know that putting themselves on a higher pedestal than other creatures on the planet or plants was misguided, and that all are created equal in value.

they would not have a 'consumer culture' - a culture of waste and excess; where it was a valued thing to have more 'goods' than other people, to accumulate 'more possessions' or more 'space' than others. In other words they would not have a culture based on greed. but rather a culture based on sharing and not placing value on personal possessions, which valued instead the ability to live simply and to not take or use more than you required and to always try to live in balance with other creatures and nature on the planet.

they would value the planet itself as a very special and unique place. so that things that destroyed and unbalanced the planet like wars, bombs, pollution, etc were shunned.

they might grow their own food to some extent and be interested in nature and the environment. they might hold ideas similar to victor schauberger's ideas about nature.

through evolution, they would have learned the dangers of selfishness, greed and lack of respect for nature.

for their food - they may appear to eat simply to us - if their needs were mainly vegetarian - they would take the trouble to know what foods , plants and herbs promoted health and cured various diseases. They would have a wide knowledge - particularly their doctors - of the properties of various plants and herbs for curing sickness. their medical people, would NEVER be interested or based on profit or money. profit would never be placed above curing the sick. they may know that natural itself is the source of cures for most illnesses, and that correct diet, a healthy environment and healthy immune system would keep at bay most illnesses.

to them, it might be normal to live a very long life - to the limit of their lifespan - and to never get sick at all -due to their healthy immune systems. they might consider the weekly episodes of coughs, colds and flus that humans experience to be a sign of a destroyed immune system and chronic ill health.

they may very well respect the chinese doctors and natural health practitioners that humans have and consider these of more value than drugs that interfere with and block the body's natural processes and cause numerous dangerous side effects. whereas nature's plant medicine may work with the body, not against it.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 08:24 PM
their technology, although advanced, would be sure to work with nature and never against it - again, they may use similar ideas to those of victor schauberger. working wiht nature might unlock secrets of technology of greater power than technology used by humans which has to date resulted in the destruction and pollution of the planet.

not valuing consumerism, personal wealth or greed, they would ensure that all had access to technology and its benefits were not reserved for a greedy few. there would be no need for telephone bills.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 08:30 PM
they might look on our zoos and the way we treat animals generally, with horror. they might consider keeping a fish in a small tank that in no way subsituted for its natural range of movement and environment, to be extremely cruel. And particularly so the restriction of a bird to a small cage would be illegal given the natural range of movement and environment of a bird can never be replicated in a cage.

they would not harbour feelings of superiority to other animals, which made them feel entitled to keep these animals in cages in a zoo, for their viewing and pleasure. they would put more value on the feelings desires and happiness of the animals, rather than their own desires and wishes or inclinations.

similarly, boiling a prawn or fish alive; cutting up a lobster alive; or an octopus alive; or other cruel practices, would not be tolerated. the aim would be to be as kind as possible to all animal and plant life and to look after its needs as far as possible.

animal life ont he planet would have rights the same as the 'alien' life.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 09:05 PM
not saying all aliens would be like this of course.

some might be complete unpleasant...

but i think on some planets, the occupants might live in a more 'advanced' manner..

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:23 AM

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