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Predictions by statistics

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 11:55 AM
I've proven my new predictive method with October 7 2008 economy crash, February 7 2009 and Australia, swine flu April 24 2009 and June 25 2009.

I will use statistics and I will applie it to Timewave graph:

AUGUST 13 2010

- Greece will experience dangerous heat-wave
- Train crash is possible China
- Machu Picchu, it will probably collapse
- Japan earthquake is possible

MAY 5-13 2010

- Iran and Israel all out war
- Polish plane update with huge news
- New exoplanets discovered
- State of emergency Usa
- Economy crash update, worst news

My predictive method says that nothing significant will happen June 21-22 2010.

JULY 7- 11 2010

- Riots in thousands in South America
- Huge iceberg will goes off and causing maybe tsunamis
- Marsili eruption in Italy is very possible, or Cumbre Vieja
- Pope will be attacked
- Plane will be hijacked
- China huge quake

OCTOBER 21 2010

- Israel strikes nuclear site in Syria, causing big damage
-China riots
- Pakistan, Afghanistan major trouble

NOVEMBER 14 2010

- Big event in Tonga
- Economy total crash
- Asia eruption will cause huge disaster
- Epidemy, maybe from food update

JANUARY 17 2011

- Consequence of event that will happen on June 30 2010
- Meteor damage
- Economy total crash
- Iran stops nuclear program and change plans

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 07:03 AM
May date prediction was a hit: economy crash

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