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OTCs and Flouride

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:47 AM
I have found that OTC meds can cause just as many if not more problems than narcotics. Heroin , for example, is perfectly safe in moderation. However one can become addicted to opiates. Aspirin is a decent pain killer and supposedly good for the heart but it is also an acid which is bad for the digestive system. Aspirin ,acetaminophen and ibuprophin can cause kidney and liver damage.

My mother takes the powdered type of OTC painkillers which include aspirin and salisylimide like they are pixy sticks and she gets ulcers, so she has to take OTC antacids for her ulcers. Since antacids are full of calcium and sodium and my mother is a woman over sixty, she has to also take blood pressure medication and medication for calcium deposits because of the antacids. Of course this is just in theory. When I state all of this to her she says I am crazy, and that may be true as well. Maybe in the same way that I used to do in college when I had to drink more alcohol to bring me down from the weed buzz. Or the way cokeheads will use heroin and oxycontins to come down from the coc aine. Of course these things, aside from the alcohol are illegal. But opium and coc aine are still two major foundations for what they are selling to us in the little brown bottle. Not to mention the psycho-active market out there today that is basicly based on the '___' and PCP molecules.

But what about the things that we can go in a store and just buy. We see a huge wall of different boxes and bottles that all scream at us to buy them. The point is, when we ingest these pills or powders or liquids that they sell to us in pretty blue bottles and rainbow colored boxes, we just don't know what will happen. We have to trust that the medication will help our ailment.

There is a new trend in colleges around the globe of getting high on cold medication. Of course you have to take a whole box of the stuff, but they say the high is up there with coc aine. The death rate from this trend is passing the death rate from coc aine overdose. And the prescription drug market has turned into pychological operations all together.

I was watching a commercial on TV tonight that was advertising a drug that I have no idea what it is for, they never actually said. They just showed butterflys and rainbows and happy people on the side of a cliff in cult like uniforms saying that they were finally "free". I assume it must have been a red pill. Yet the ad never described what the medication did or what it was for. What it did say was this:

" If you have ever had diarrhea , glaucoma, ebola, an itchy rash , a water head, a common cold or the crabs or do not want to have diarrhea , glaucoma, ebola, an itchy rash , a water head, a common cold or the crabs, please do not take this medication. Please be advised that in a small percentage of lab monkeys this medication has been known to cause irritation to the colon, a watery stool, foot fungus, a hairy back, itchy watery phalanges, high fever,confusion, coma and death. If you have a history of heart disease, diabetes, eye boogers, excessive ear wax or if you have a family history of herpes, dry scalp, hang nail, the bad mumps or death by exectution or know someone who has had chicken pox, please consult your physician before taking this medication. Come join us on the side of the cliff in your black cult uniform and be free again. What are you waiting for? This pill will help you to get back into life......or a slow painfull death."

Then more dancing around the fire with butterflys and rainbows and bouncing happy blobs. They want you to think you are sick just because your real world doesn't have butterflys and rainbows everywhere. The media is turning society into a bunch of pill popping hypochondriacs and we just sit back and wait for the X Files to resume. Dumbfounded to the fact that they are trying to brainwash us the whole time we are waiting to see if Scully can save Mulders butt once again.

Who doesn't have a depressing day, and how many times have you thought you were going to pee on yourself if you couldn't find a bathroom? It doesn't mean you need a pill, you just need to stop drinking so much Dr. Pepper before you go to the mall. And in the big picture , it doesn't matter if we willingly take the drugs that make us slaves to the machine. We don't have to pay the man or get an HMO. It is being fed to us every time we brush our teeth or take a sip of water. Flouride. Look it up and find out what flouride really is. They used the stuff to make the A Bomb. I think they must be running out of flouride and now they are making us willingly poison ourselves by streaming psy-ops at us in between breaks of The Lost Boys. Don't listen to them people. I think aspirin is probably your best bet. But like stated on the bottle, it is best to take aspirin with a nice tall glass of flourinated water. So we are screwed.

Good luck with your pain. And if you think you are crazy, don't give your money to Dr. Phil to tell you that you need that brand new Clarimindaskulnbons pill, just ask a good friend if you are crazy and tell them to be honest. Trust me they will tell you. And if you learn that you are crazy, don't fret, go find some of that good old green bud that they don't want you to have and listen to some Rusted Root and you will be all good.


[Edited on 5-6-2004 by nutzobalzo]

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:59 AM
First off, that was painful to read. Some line breaks and paragraphs would help a bunch.

As far as OTC meds and the like, nothing is healthy when too much is taken. Too much water, you can die, too much vitamin C, you have problems.

And yes, the health effects of flouride are now being questioned. But with the number of prescription drugs being dumped down the toilet (litterally), flouride might be the least of our worries.

[Edited on 6/5/04 by crayon]

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:07 AM
Yeah no doubt, my point exactly. Too much anything will kill you.

Anywho I edited that post for you. This was my first post in here and it looked good in the little scrolly box, my bad.

I'm trying to get points man so I can get a groovy avatar background. So possibly I over extended my creative writing skills just a tad. But hey man, I'm just here for your informtainment.


posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:17 AM
No biggie.

I have not heard about the cold medicine trick though. Not sure why anybody would think that is a good idea.

Oh and too much aspirin is bad for you as well.

Not to mention the body get used to drugs and they become innefective. Thats why I trade off aspirin, ibuprofin, and tylenol. The body doesn't get used to one kind of pain reliever and they all still work with the recomended dosage.

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