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Haiti- was, is, will always be a failed state

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 09:45 PM
I was watching Katie Couric tonight and she went back to Haiti where people had settled in make-shift tents (lucky ones) on an old military airfield just out of town. I believe she said there were 35,000 people there.

The squalor was unimaginable...piles of garbage, sewage everywhere, ...actually, not much different than they were living before.

The people she spoke to complained that crime, assault, and rape was rampant and women lived in fear of even walking to the woman raped by 3 men .

there was no organization, no security, just people milling around and looking "settled" in their new world.

I know the USA and other countries sent food, tents, buildiong supplies, and lots of money...but, it would appear that it is not being used.

There are 13,000 children, and only one school for 250 children run by volunteers from other countries...where are their people? What are they doing for themselves?

The medical people she spoke to were from other countries...the woman interviewed was from Ireland and considered the "mayor"

I was most struck by the people themselves, not taking initiative in taking care of themselves...just waiting around for someone else to do something. The rainy season is coming, but there they sit, in their own garbage...

There is only so much someone can for someone...ultimately they have to want it for themselves. Prior to the quake, their life style was much the same...the poorest country in the world.

I realize they didn't have much, but effort could be made to take care of their garbage, create a micro community where responsibility is shared by all for basic functions of a town...civilization requires initiative and work.

I think we all knew the donations would not make it to the people and if it did, would not be used as a springboard for improvement....just used up.

I think it is very sad to see, and may be a lesson for all of us.

Would we be a people who take the initiative in a severe crisis, or would we become children waiting for someone else to do something for us? Would we revert to primitive, disorganization? It's something to think about.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:14 PM
If the people who are living in make shift tents in a camp full of rapes, the lucky ones, then what could possibly be happening to the other unlucky ones?

I think Haiti had one of the lowest crime rates in the Carribean before this quake and one lower than even the United States so I don't see how Haiti could be a failed state, just because they don't drive Benzs or eat at Macdonalds.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by star in a jar

A quick search of crime rate in Haiti brought me this from the dept of state: november 2009

"CRIME: There are no "safe” areas in Haiti. There is a persistent danger of violent crime, which can be subject to periodic surges sometimes not obviously explained by other events or conditions"...

"Criminal perpetrators often operate in groups of two to four individuals, and may occasionally be confrontational and gratuitously violent. Criminals sometimes will seriously injure or kill those who resist their attempts to commit crime. In robberies or home invasions, it is not uncommon for the assailants to beat or shoot the victim in order to limit the victim's ability to resist. If an armed individual demands the surrender of a vehicle or other valuables, the U.S. Embassy recommends compliance without resistance. This recommendation also applies in the event of a kidnapping. Visitors to Haiti should exercise caution at all times and review basic personal security procedures frequently. "

Source..US dept of state



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