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Prayer Of The Philosopher (Poem)

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 03:43 PM
So I finally got my writer status and can now post in this area again.
I'm stoked.

I have finally started getting tattoos and really put some thought into them before I get them. This one, is located on my right calf, takes up the whole calf and is symbolic of the trials and tribulations I have suffered through life, likewise symbolic of what life has to offer along with all of its hidden mysteries

Just about everything I write in poetry is symbolic in some way so I thought with my first post in this collaborative writing section I would share something I enjoy and something you all hopefully will too.

~Prayer of the philosopher~

Tempered is the man behind this troubled flesh
Exhumed and buried jewels riddle this life's mesh
Decorated thoughts swim within the soul
Teeming and profound they pulse with brilliant glow

As above so below mirrored is the being
Where ensembles of metaphor conceal their hidden meaning
The canvas of encompassed self in balanced sculpted ways
Harold's truth arrival where consciousness portrays

Shall balance be my armor to shield me through the night
To yield or strike swiftly with wisdom through my life
May understanding crown my heart to purge the flame within
As I tread the illusive trail of ancients to forget not where Ive been



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