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Vienna Circle, GMT and Earth in Space

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 02:12 PM
The Vienna circle began roughly in 1910. Have we been one eyed ever since?

It separated Physical and Metaphysical. Much like slicing a yin yang in half.

It was characterized by two main beliefs:

first, experience is the only source of knowledge

second, logical analysis performed with the help of symbolic logic is the preferred method for solving philosophical problems.

Up until this time, would you guess that there was a healthy balance between the physical and the metaphysical in everyday life for 99% of humans?

Cultures around the world had spirituality, religion, superstition, awe...

And there was good reason. If you tried to only live in the practical, physical realm in some places, you were killed as a nonbeliever.

Sure there may have been nuts who insisted that only one belief was the right one. Lord knows there are still plenty of them around today. But in general, beliefs morphed village by village to fit the environment, people, history and future.

The things in common seem to be, leap of faith, a comfort in having faith. A direct line to universe assistance.

Maybe our troubles began earlier... in 1882 GMT was established as Zero longitude.

Readers of Da Vinci code may remember the zero longitude was moved from Paris.

So... odd, really.... Odd that a line would matter to a religious group. Of course this is no ordinary line. This line is about North and South and our place in time and space.

At this time navy meant power. Longitude and Latitude were a big deal to power. France and England both had and wanted the line drawn with them. Literally.

But there was a metaphysical component to this very scientific debate. The people involved on both sides are high level, highly educated and mystic and philosophic. Odd.

So, then we start to see the divide. To the point where the Vienna Circle, and it's philosophic followers, creates a divide that lasts to this day. Maybe it's for the best?

Great scientists like da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin and Newton and Einstein had no trouble with their largely open minds to see the awe in the science without having to separate them.

To dismiss the unaccountable and only concentrate on the explainable would have killed these men. They were turned on by the mystery and the more the could account for the more they dived deeper into the mystic because that is where the good stuff is.

Meanwhile, schools fell hard upon the Vienna Circle principles of "science" and completely cut off the concept of "metaphysics". Research necessarily became compartmentalized so that it could stay small enough not to be inSPIRing. Every spiritual aspect had to be squashed and washed.

The Vienna Circle created "Logical Positivism" and "verificationalism." A lot of comfort to be found by ignoring all that doesn't fit into those terms.

So, a question is why? Why would we do this after thousands of years of balance? Why would we all of a sudden have a surge of technology and a segregation of scientists from the spiritual? And even the scientists from each other?

Yes, we have the internet and it connects people. But I have noticed that if you talk to scientists and suggest to connect too many concepts together, they start to disqualify the connections.

Perhaps there is the exception of groups in military scientific research that are paid to gather in formation and look at the wildest possibilities.

But, I think certainly universities and corporate research are aching for the healing of the rift.

Now these people are far from idiots... so why the brainwashing of them? Was it organic? An accident? Just the way things turned out once the scientific method became popular?

Is it easier? Metaphysics is hard work, maybe they're lazy?

What if it is protection or a panic control? Divide and conquer? Let's say the Earth is shifting? Or perhaps growing? We have no idea really. Religious people around the world may think they have volumes telling us what is happening. But scientists feel right in ignoring that.

And then scientists are paid to compete and keep secret from each other and conform findings to their funders specifications, so that's efficient.

Do you think that when people started researching the Earth's longitude and latitude and variations they discovered something that freaked them out. And 2 things happened.

1) GMT was established - for the first time a global international system was developed and it was for longitude and latitude and time.

2) So now you have order in one world. That's calm. let's keep everybody positive and we can continue to work out what's coming, but not freak the masses out. So let's create "scientific method" and give findings no relative meaning. Devalue everything but government and $ and relieve the smartest people of the independent strength of spirituality.

Of course many would balk at this and if they protested too loudly they would be ridiculed, so they'd go quiet, secret really and only meet with like minded people who could also enjoy the mixture of physics with metaphysics.

How many of you think that the Vienna Circle and GMT might have been a plot or do you think they just came naturally in their good time and that life has evolved from it as it does without rhyme or reason?

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 02:20 PM
Hmmm Mod - can you help me put this in the right thread? I didn't realize I'd put this under UFOs.

It's more philosophy or conspiracy?


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