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ABUSE CRISIS: From the inside, One in the photos speaks out

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 08:04 PM
In the following report you will hear one account of a soldier who was involved in the Prison Abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib Prison. It is beyond words and defies response. Spc. Israel Rivera tells all and as he seen these events unfold. What is shocking is the revelation that senior officers did not know or order this activity. the following content contains some graphic descriptions of abuse...


One of at least four military intelligence soldiers who can be seen in photos of U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. He is also the first intelligence soldier to say publicly that he witnessed another intelligence soldier take part in the abuse.

An Army intelligence soldier who appears in photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse disputed claims from some accused soldiers that intelligence soldiers had ordered them to ``soften up´´ the detainees.

Spc. Israel Rivera told the Los Angeles Times that his superiors did not know about the abuse and that he and other intelligence soldiers seen in the widely circulated photos were just there out of curiosity after hearing that detainees were about to be punished for allegedly raping a young male prisoner.

"Cruz and the other people were making them act as though they were having sex - using their feet to push on the detainees hips so they would be touching each other".

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Please visit the above full report link for the full report which gives much more detail.

The many allegations in this report are shocking to say the least, and since they came from one seen in these photos it does offer a view from inside this abuse scandal.

But do we really want to know this truth?

Again please click the above full report link and be warned some of what you read is quite graphic and shocking.

This whole abuse scandal left me on a personal level deeply sick inside and now with this account of one involved it shows the extent of abuse and those involved from an inside view. It is beyond shameful and a sad way for this part of the world to judge the rest of us. and you know they are.

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