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Iranian Threat

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Heisenberg

So.. Because people don't want to emigrate to Iran.. Thats perfectly good reason to want to attack them..

Your reasoning is getting worse every comment man.. you still haven't given me one single real reason as to why the US should attack Iran..

Oh.. An attempt at an insult? Are My Irish Eyes Still Smiling?...

Why Yes, Yes they Are....

[edit on 21/4/10 by Dermo]

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by Heisenberg
Imperial threat? Try international peacekeepers and global humanitarians, first. How much does Iran give in foreign aid? HMMM. None. But, their laws are quite nice, though. Very respectful of human rights, especially their treatment of young men and their women. And homosexuals, if you are for the rights of all, then what about them. CUZ in ole Iran, they would be beheaded!reply to post by Dermo

Many countries around the world do not contribute foreign aid. In fact the list of contributors is quite short. Are you suggesting that all non contributors should be considered evil? Israel is one that does not, so by your logic they would be as evil as Iran.

Your comment that the USA is an international peacekeeper and global humanitarian first is really quite a stretch? I wont even address the peacekeeper issue as it is obviously ridiculous to anyone capable of thought, but I will say something regarding the foreign aid. Yes, the USA is a foreign aid contributor, but they are far from the most generous on the list. Actually, when compared to their Gross National Income, which is the realistic way of showing generosity, they are among the very least generous of all. Look at their minimal contributions closer and you'll find out most of this aid is going to only three particular countries; Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In case you find this fact confusing, these are the countries the USA has been devastating lately with their "peacekeeping" operations.

These benchmarks you are using to justify the US as more wholesome and peaceful than Iran are flawed at best. Surely a true peaceful humanitarian would easily better this record?

Finally, you suggested that Iran was proven to be an evil enemy due to the continued enforcement of Sharia, or Islamic Law? Using your logic here would be to condemn all the other countries doing the same? This would include condemning the USA's ally in that region, Saudi Arabia.

Following your logic, we now have three threats to deal with in the Middle East; Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia? Iran for not contributing foreign aid and practicing Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia for Sharia Law, but we could add their sizable involvement in the 911 attacks? Israel for no aid, but we could add the fact that they are war mongers that attack and threaten their neighbors, attack using WMD's like White Phosphorous munitions, illegally possess Nuclear Weapons and commit genocide on their host nations citizens?

To only demonize Iran is very hypocritical here. Especially when the only tangible evidence against them is the minor criticisms related to religious and cultural practices and are nothing new. The only serious accusations are based on opinion and political propaganda. The only fact regarding a nuclear Iran is their desire for its energy capabilities and their right to pursue it. They've also agreed to be transparent and compliant to every protocol required of them. People like you are twisting this into a desire to end the world? What they might, or could possibly, do with this in the future is irrelevant. Letting the most aggressive war mongering country, as well as the only perpetrator of deployment of Nukes, is the popular rational here?

Although you refuse to acknowledge this for the absolute fact that it is, this is the actual and only truth in this situation. Who is really crazy here? Who is really a threat to the world? Who is really hypocritical? Who is really instigating violence? Who really wants peace? Who is really for the rights of all?

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 01:28 PM
What about human rights issues. Your comments were all fine and dandy, but you left out the human rights issue. Surely you do not think that it is a minor transgression in this day in age, do you? Goodness. Where are all of the human rights activists in your corner? reply to post by Zerbst

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 01:30 PM
Please cut and paste where I said anything about "attacking" Iran. What is getting worse is the simple fact that you are dodging the humanitarian question in leu of spatting out garbage.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 01:36 PM
Here is a couple off links ya might want to read....just to better educate yourself.

If you like apples, how'd ya like those apples?

reply to post by Zerbst

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 06:34 PM
I think this whole oil thing is a misnomer.

Iran has no IMF debt. It is sovereign, it is not part of the world fiat money system.

It cannot be controlled this way.

If they were to just borrow a $Trillion and allow the IMF to keep them under their thumb, everything would be hunky dory.

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