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Obama- 32 Bush- 24

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 08:29 AM
For Christ's sake lay off our current and former Prez's for playing golf!

Obviously you've never got into golf, or your teeny tiny mind would comprehend that it is a very relaxing past time (if not taken too seriously)...

Obama played his 32nd round during the Polish Gov. funeral. So what???

Volcanic ash baby, it was the ash!

GW played 24 total rounds during his last run, obviously shunned by 9/11.

I propose we should encourage 1 ROUND PER DAY for POTUS. Besides, less damage can be done if on the golf course!!

Furthermore, if W had played MORE, we'd all be better off for that to

Now, let's examine the swings:

Hey Barry, keep your head down buddy, you're lifting up :shk:

I leave with 2 random thoughts-


2. Signals approves uncomfortably big strong of the Conspiracy Chicks

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