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Are we the

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 01:33 PM
"The Shadow Government",... the name implies that the "so called" organization" consist of a group of unknowns. Suggesting a "ghost" organization... of members unknown and speculated on.

With few exceptions, individuals have not been identified. Instead we name government and corporate ties or continue to uncover, (create ?), more "named" mystery groups.

Looking at the past reveals a pattern of manipulated government policies directed for corporations, (at all levels of government) and contrary to the betterment of it's people.

Is it that the presidency or country's leadership position is no more than a "test or hazing" for placement and positioning within the framework of that NWO once their term is complete. Looking at past / present leaders of recent governments and the policies they implemented, (The Bush's, Blair, Chriac, Chretien, Martin, Harper, Putin, Yeltsin, Berlusconi... to name a few), ask yourself who's agenda they enact.

Let's not forget Kissinger and Cheney, who are, (what I believe to be) the director and enforcer for the "hot-headed" U.S leaders.
Although, Kissinger's role as director appears to be far stretching, in that he appears to be connected to one degree or another, with every major government, corporate, religious and military leader in the world. Many have described him as " the most dangerous and influential" man in the world, why?
Cheney on the other hand, has to be the most visibly obvious corrupt person on the world stage, (in history), not even attempting to hide his corruption and greed. Cheney could be the poster-boy for the definition of a "psychopath"... no conscience, guilt or remorse, just self-serving gratification.

The one thing that these "leaders" continue to do, is to successfully convince the citizens that what they are doing, is for the "peoples" benefit. When in fact the agenda is to bring about change that restricts the freedom, movement and choices that we have, effectively enslaving us.

They continue to strip away the populations freedom, by trapping us in debt with taxes, loans and mortgages for over inflated prices of land, buildings and merchandise... and we willingly accept the terms of the governed financial institutions, to the benefit of corporate shareholders.

What are basic necessities of life, are the most taxed and costly items for the citizens to procure. Housing, fuel, food, electricity, communication and water are what we "exist to support" in todays society. And in the event that we have a few dollars left, it's all taxed, then taxed again.

We have and are being manipulated at every level of government, daily.

Don't be fooled, "Crime is regulated". Policing is not prevention or deterrent of crime. If it were our judicial system wouldn't be the "turnstile" system it has become. Crime puts fear into the people, crime allows for restrictions and enforcement of the law-biding-citizen... not the criminals.
Without crime the urban level of government can't implement laws to monitor and control us.

We have been manipulated into "credit slavery" by financial institutions, approving loans for toys and non-essentials, until our credit load is insufficient to allow us to purchase a home, enabling street level corporations to charge high rates for inferior housing, products and services.

We have endorsed "unions" that are no more than "corporations" onto themselves, following government mandated regulations, they are no more effective than being a protector of the weakest link in the chain of employees.

Social programs are established, not for the needy, but for "adjustments to the moral decay" that plague society, the parasites that exist within.
The elderly, (whom have paid their dues), homeless and sick are left to fend for themselves and continually being indebted.

The conclusion I've come too, "perhaps it is ourselves that are the "Shadow"... having effectively stuck our head in the sand, away from local and world events.

We are all free slaves!

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