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Exonerated anthrax suspect: FBI illegally harassed me (and ruined his life)!

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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 06:41 AM

Steven Hatfill was investigated for years before being cleared; No apologies

The man falsely accused by the FBI of sending letters laced with deadly anthrax spores has received a big settlement from the government, but never an apology for destroying his life.

“I love my country,” Hatfill, 56, told Lauer. But, he added, “I learned a couple things. The government can do to you whatever they want. They can break the laws, federal laws, as they see fit … You can’t turn laws on and off as you deem fit. And the Privacy Act laws were put in place specifically to stop what happened to me. Whether we’re at war or have been attacked, the foundation of society is that you hold to the laws in place. I used to be somebody that trusted the government. Now I really don't trust anything.”

“Did they ever apologize?” Lauer asked. “No, they don’t do that. My father asked them, very early on in the investigation. He said, ‘When all this is over, and you find that my son had nothing to do with this, are you going to apologize?’ And Bob Roth says, ‘No, we don't do that,’ ” Hatfill said, referring to the FBI’s lead investigator in the case, Bob Roth.

another great story: The Wrong Man:

Wow, he makes a great point: The the privacy laws were made/designed to protect the citizens but it was either used against him or totally disregarded. This should make all Americans concerned and P.O'd. Same thing to the alleged Atlantic Olimpic bomber: Richard A. Jewell. Ruined their lives and not even a sorry. A very interesting stories.

Knock, knock (maybe) Good Morning Mr. Hatfield!

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