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You thought the NWO was US/European

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 02:32 PM

"The first responsibility" Ahmadinejad said "is to clarify and compile our cultural values and introduce them to the world."

"And the second task is to have active participation in forming the new world," President Ahmadinejad went on saying.


I can't honestly say that I would wish to be introduced to the cultural values of a country that treats women they way it does, and suppresses it's citizens freedom of speech, neither do I fancy Iran and Algiers as the New World Order! (Not that I fancy any NWO!)

I do realise that the citizens of Iran are probably more moderate than their leadership, and I know nothing of the stance of Algiers.

Either way I don't much like the sound of this. These middle-eastern papers are all of the opinion that Iran thinks that the US has actually threatened Iran with nukes, which of course it has not, but this rhetoric is undoubtedly fuelled by this impression.

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