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From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers Warning

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 10:15 PM

This documentary explores the culture and spiritual beliefs of the Kogi tribe -- a pre-Colombian American tribe once believed destroyed. The Kogi, who call themselves the Elder Brothers of the human race and us the Younger Brothers, are convinced we are destroying the balance of life on earth. Believing that our only hope is to change our ways, the Kogi have set out to teach us what they know of the balance of mankind, nature and the spiritual world.

Part 1:

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Here is a documentary from twenty years ago, a unique and intriguing look into a long forgotten tribe of people who exist in the mountains of Colombia. Contained is a message given to us by the Kogi tribe, a message that's relevance has perhaps come to a boiling point in modern times, with the popularity of movies like Avatar. Fans of the movie will notice many quirky similarities between the Kogi and parts of the film.

However part of me tends to disagree with one little piece of their puzzle. They say humanity's reason for being on Earth is to look over and take care of nature. We are merely the janitors of plants and animals. This I have to disagree with (perhaps due to an ego saturated in Western culture). It is clear after only taking a cursory look throughout known history that the capacity for mankind's ingenuity and creativity is infinite. Not actively pursuing this trademark of our ape species would be tragic in ways we could not comprehend. Perhaps, throughout history, the schism between naturalism and technology had to occur so they could evolve independently, only to meet head on like two speeding locomotives in modern times.

Yet the majority of their message should be heard loud and clear, as it is very pertinent to today's society. One must look not only at the environmental impact we have on our planet, but our karmic reaction to our deeds. At the very least, it is an absolutely fascinating look into a culture that has existed since before the Conquistadors.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 11:07 PM
Good stuff...part 3 is where the message is delivered. At about 5:30 the elder brother tells us the great truth.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

Its captivating watching their transformation into adulthood. How they must sit in the hut with the elders awake for four days and four nights and receive his teaching. How tremendous must the gap be for this culture between child and man.

I had a moment of revelation, 9 minutes into Part 4 of the video series. One of the natives recalls the they "Once had golden spindles... before the Younger brother took them." Perhaps it was the realization that before the conquistadors even their mundane tools were crafted out of pure gold, that jogged my mind. This tribe does not toil the dirt and live so close with it because they choose to do so, no.. perhaps the were forced into adapting this way because we took all of their possessions, killed most of them and the few that escaped had to resettle in the highest mountain peaks.

If only we could of seen what this civilization was like before European influence/genocide. I suspect they were a radically advanced and intelligent culture.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 05:59 AM
Kogi tribe elder coming to England for 1st time ever

Here you go, I did scan through the thread so sorry if this was mentioned as I didnt spot it

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 08:48 PM
Thanks for the share !

I stumbled across this intriguing story:

Then on the last day of the workshop it happened. The group had formed one great circle, and we were singing to God. This lady broke away from the circle and began to dance primitively and unashamed within the center of the circle. She abandoned herself and seemed to lose control. I went over to her and took her hand to comfort her, and she grasped my hand and looked deep into my eyes and made a soft and longing sound. The sound went straight to my heart and vibrated inside my very center, and I could "see" what she was saying. I had never experienced anything quite like this before. I didn't understand at that moment what was really happening, my heart simply reacted.

I took her outside the circle and sat down facing her. Then she made another "sound", and my body responded with another similar "sound" that had never come from me before. Instantly, we were speaking in a new and profound manner that was so beautiful, so complete. It made all the languages of the world seem inadequate and obsolete. For two hours we communicated in images of full color and depth with all the sensory completeness of real life. I learned so much. I learned about life, and I learned about this woman within a woman.

She showed me with her sounds where she had come from, a small village next to the Kogi tribe. She showed me her husband and her three children. I know them like they were my family. She showed me around her village where I met two other older men who were from the Kogi. She showed me how her tribe had asked her to enter this woman's body and to come and see me. She was instructed to teach me how to speak without words. She was told that once she had done this one thing, then she could leave this woman's body and come back home and be back with her family. She missed her husband and children very much. I could "see" how when this lady returned home she would leave her body. I could see her own body lying in a pile of grass inside a grass hut waiting for this moment.

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