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Translating the Labour Party Manifesto of Gordy Brown

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 11:54 AM

.... Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never debt repayment today.
National Minimum Wage to rise in line with average earnings by the end of the next Parliament
.....Or sink in line.
Promise to keep business taxes "as low as possible"
.....Set to skyrocket.
Realise stakes in publicly-controlled banks, introduce a global levy and reform banking rules
.....So even the penniless guy in the middle of Namibia, starving in the desert will have to ehlp pay for Labour Party waste.
An option to turn Northern Rock into a mutual rather than privatising it as part of a wider commitment to building societies
.....So the members can demutualise again, loan recklessly, get into trouble agina and get bailed out again in an endless loop, transfering wealth to idiot greedy managers and executive.s

New rights for parents at schools in England to initiate change in school leadership, with under-performing schools taken over by more successful management teams
.....Underperforming in their efforts to brainwash kiddies with NWO garbage.
One-to-one and small-group tuition for every primary school child falling behind, personal tutors and choice of "good" qualifications for secondary age children
....A NWO expert will tell kids what they can study.
Every young person guaranteed education or training until 18, with 75% going on to higher education or workplace training by the age of 30
....To make sure everyone is debt and teenagers go out and try to start new companies.
Up to 70,000 advanced apprenticeships a year and Skills Accounts for workers to upgrade their skills
....Free labour for big cmopanies

Routine health checks for those aged 40 to 74, aimed at preventing heart attacks and strokes
....Keeping medical records up to date and centralised so old age dissidents who realise that this is just like 1930's fascism can be done away with.

Powers to sack chief constables if they fail to meet minimum standards within three years
As a "last resort", failing forces could be taken over by more successful constabularies
...Sacking anyone who won't push the NWO agenda
Funding to maintain police and community support officer numbers, with them spending 80% of their time on the beat
....Ordinary untrained bozos being called in to nail dissidents without the statebeing responsible for their incvompetance or brutality.
Family intervention projects to tackle anti-social behaviour, with financial support for victims to pursue injunctions - with the costs being met by police forces or councils "who let them down"
....Forcing councils to hammer any dissidents who stick out from the crowd and ensure that everyone is sheeple.
The link between staying for a set period and being able to settle or gain citizenship will be broken - replaced by a points-based system
....To ensure that the wealthy can buy their way in with moneyu frauded from ordinary people whilst the children of UK citizens who would cry to see what is happening to their nation and vote oout Gordy will be locked out in the cold.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 11:57 AM
Post Office to become a "people's bank" with much wider range of ordinary banking services, including access to accounts at other banks from Post Office branches
Legal right to a bank account, along with a bank levy to fund credit unions
...Force everyone in the long term to have a bank account, to be in debt and foist NWO regulations on them through the back door of their bank regulations.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 12:00 PM
Ah, I watched the BBC.. and the cover is really really nice and retro...oh, did I mention the cover was nice... so nice infact all the candidates looked as though they would hug and sing kumbaya

For those who have not seen the image

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 01:54 PM
Well done to you for dismantling the propaganda, but I haven’t seen the Tories undermine Lab’s filth, the way you have.
I think its because on 99% of issues they are identical. I bet the dead have turned in their grave knowing the people died to maintain our democracy was so that in 2010 the election would essentially come down too…
A. Lab promising to bankrupt the country with a tax rise on the poor-working class (i.e. through National insurance, rather than income tax) (which rich people pay).
B. And Con also promising to bankcrupt us, but without the tax rise (yet).

The best poster I’ve seen so far was the lib dems “Labconservative” poster, as it puts the blame exactly where it exactly belongs for our country being in such a bad state (economically and democratically) which is of course the British people (for electing the same parties to office for over 65 years).

It’s mostly because people think they’re vote is “wasted” when they vote for who they would like to govern, but not wasted when they vote for one of the big two (they least dislike). Other idiots think that because our democracy is in a bad, two party state, they will remedy the problem by not voting for anyone!!!
Yet when it comes to Britain’s got talent (a process full of electoral fraud) people get out their assess to make their choice!!! (even though it really will make no difference, no difference to anything much at all).

Just like America we have fallen into the trap of voting for two organisations that were once highly individual parties, but which have over time learnt to govern the political debate (both during and before elections) with a cross-party consensus so all encompassing, that it has led to British democracy being essentially a choice of two sides of the dictatorial coin.

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