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CNN's Wolf Blitzer discusses Wikileaks video of innocent people dying

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Note: Please excuse the quality of this video as it was recorded on my camera. I had never uploaded a video to YouTube before [wish there was a training class on that], so I apologize in advance.

Second Note: There was a second part of this video I recorded on my DVR, which explains Reuters' Iraqi journalist Saeed Chmagn's death and how his family reacted [through an interview]. If enough requests come in, I can post that video too. For those that don't know, it was Saeed who desperately crawling up the curb after being hit from those aerial shots, in which the van came and picked him up ... only later to be gunned down with children inside.

Greetings ATSers,

This posting is in response to a current high volume thread being discussed here at ATS:

Several of you, including myself, had contacted many news organizations to see if they would cover the Wikileaks video of innocent civilians being killed in Iraq. I wanted to be the first to applaud all of you for your hard work, as it certainly has paid off for not just this community, but for those innocently killed by the hostile hand of our great country.

I am not a big fan of CNN (or any MSM outlet), and had just so happen to turn to their channel while a phone call came in. As perfect as timing was, Wolf Blitzer then started discussing the Wikileaks video (and ATS member Brahmanite) brought to our attention on 4/5/2010.

I thought it would be nice to share with you guys the content of their segment.

Congratulations once again to all ATSers for bringing this to the world's attention!

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 07:00 PM
Funny how the Pentagon spokeswoman says they "can't find a copy of the video". Or the $2.3 Trillion, but I digress.
The fact that the initial investigation found no wrongdoing is mind boggling to me. I watched the video several times and even with a small, crappy you tube video I could tell that nobody was carrying any weapons.
Listening to the dialogue does tell a different story however. The gunship operator clearly believed that he did see men with AK's and even an RPG, which has the potential to bring down an Apache gunship. When one Iraqi man points a camera around the corner it does possibly look as though he was trying to shoot an RPG.
None of this excuses the fact that NOBODY had weapons and after the initial assault a van pulls up to try to help with 2 small children inside. Clearly this is a case of seeing what you want to see and ignoring everything else. I thought pilots had to have 20/20 vision, obviously this one couldn't tell the difference between camera bags and AK47's and should, AT A MINIMUM have been grounded.
Of course we are outraged, how many other incidents have happened like this that were never reported? I'm afraid if we knew everything that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan we would all feel like committing collective suicide. There is only one way to prevent "collateral damage" and civilian casualties - stop making wars.
We would all sleep better at night, regardless of nationality.
Thank you for taking the time to record this and post it, it's a good thing that this has hit the MSM!

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:31 PM

I agree with several of the comments you have made, especially the "camera man" poking around the corner with what looked like an RPG. Why was his movements so secretive and stealth like? Did they, the reporting folks, think that if they filmed the Appache helicopter in broad daylight (and openingly) that the US Military might think it was an RPG, therefore their sneaky tactics of ducking and poking out from a corner seemed less conspicuous?

The majority here posted that they were utterly disgusted with the actions the US Military made during that encounter. Yeah, I am bit upset too, but there was a lot of questionable actions during that situation.

The firing on the van is what surely set me off. I can go on and on about that, but I think we all basically feel the same.

But regarding that other situations, with supposedly known suspects in that area ... uhhhh ... there seemed like a lot of fishy stuff going on. Even at the end, when they all gathered around each other, like in a football huddle. That certainly looked like they were hiding something.

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